Network Shell Snippets: Delete Bound SSL Certificate

PowerShellThis post is part of the series on Network Shell Snippets.

The following Network Shell command will delete the bound SSL certificate:

netsh http delete sslcert ipport=

Change the highlighted section to the port number to which the SSL certificate is bound.

Network Shell Snippets: Delete URL Reservation

PowerShellThis post is part of the series on Network Shell Snippets.

The following Network Shell command will delete the specified URL reservations:

netsh http delete urlacl URL={reserved url}

Replace the highlighted section, including the curly brackets, with the URL reservation to be removed.

Network Shell Snippets: View URL Reservations

PowerShellThis post is part of the series on Network Shell Snippets.

The following Network Shell command will list all URL reservations:

netsh http show urlacl

PowerShell to Promote Domain Controller

Windows ServerWhen testing Microsoft Dynamics GP, I often need a domain controller within my set of virtual machines. I’ve been promoting a server to be a domain controller manually, but it recently occurred to me that I could probably do the same task using PowerShell.

After doing some research, I came up with four commands which will rename and restart the server, install the Active Directory feature and add a forest.

To rename a server, run the following command, replacing the highligted section with the new server name:

Rename-computer -newname {server name}

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How to Remove a Dependency from a Windows Service

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn the last post I showed how to use sc.exe to add a dependency to a Windows service; the first time I added the dependency to the eOne and eConnect services, I got the service name wrong. This was because the server I was working on had a SQL Server Named instance rather than the default name.

I had to do some searching around how to remove the incorrect dependency, as it was preventing the services from starting:

Services - Windows could not start the eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Integration Service service on the Local Computer

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How to Add a Dependency to a Windows Service

Windows ServerWhile I was blogging about implementing SmartConnect, I mentioned that the service account should be either set as delayed start or have a dependency added.

The former option, making it delayed start, can be done through the Services control panel applet, you can’t add a dependency this way. Instead the dependency can be added via a command.

The service can be changed by using the sc.exe which is a component of Windows. To use the command we need to know the Service name of both the service we want to add the dependency to and also the service name of the service it will be dependent on.

In my example, I am adding a dependency to the eOne SmartConnect Service; to find the Service name, open Services from the Control Panel, rich-click the service and locate the Service name:

eOne SmartConnect Service Properties

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Custom Shortcuts in Run Window

WindowsWindows allows you to use commands as shortcuts in the Run prompt (such as calc to launch calculator). I typically use a lot of shortcuts to launch apps or open files I use a lot, but don;t want to drop a lot of shortcuts in any of the standard folders from which Windows allows shortcuts to be used.

Fortunately, you can add additional folders to use for shortcuts. To add a new folder, open the System window (Win+Pause|Break) and click on Advacned system settings< :

System window

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Windows 10 Calculator Replacement: Conclusion

ApplicationsThis post is part of a series on the Old Calculator for Windows 10 replacement for the default Windows 10 Calculator App.

The Old Calculator for Windows 10 app installs a calculator which looks like the one in Windows 7 and before.

The best reason I ahev for using this replacement, is the speed of launching. I find that apps from the Microsoft Store take so long to load; this replacement starts very quickly (just the the calculator of old).