How To Install Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Series Index

Microsoft SQL ServerWith a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP about to be released, it’s time to refresh my test environment; as well as the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is also now available.

In this short series of posts, I am going to cover the installation of the SQL Server components needed for an installation of a demo/test Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 (not including SSAS or SSIS).

I am not a SQL expert and this series of posts is intended only for use on demo or test environments and not production ones.

How to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2017
Install the Database Engine Services
How To Install Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Install SQL Server Management Studio
Install SQL Server Reporting Services
Configure SQL Server Reporting Services
Avoiding Max Request Length Error in SSRS
SSRS 2017 Not Supported on a Domain Controller
Download SSRS 2017

Change SQL Query Results Length

Microsoft SQL ServerWhen you execute a query in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, you can chooe to output the result to text, but this is limited to 256 characters which can not always be enough (my next planned post will have an example of this).

The setting for this can be changed in Tools >> Options.

Change the field Maximum number of characters displayed in each column from 256 to 8000:

Click OK to save the change; you will need to click the New Query button for the change to take effect.