Integrations Via eConnect Disappearing

Microsoft Dynamics GPAs well as using eConnect to integrate journals from an external system into the GL, we also use it to integrate invoices into Payables Management. Overall we have far fewer problems integrating transactions via eConnect than we had in the past using Integration Manager, but we do still encounter some problems; usually with transactions being posted in the external system and then disappearing.

This is sometimes a more exotic reason but is usually an issue with the eConnect service needing to be restarted. When we first started using eConnect we often had problems when the server was rebooted as the eConnect service was starting before the MSMQ service and didn’t then function correctly.

To fix this issue we added a dependency to MSMQ on the eConnect service which ensures the eConnect one does not start until MSMQ is ready. This particular fix has just resulted in a site posting invoices in an external system which didn’t arrive in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Continue reading “Integrations Via eConnect Disappearing”

Mea Culpa: Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this post I discussed fixing a Sales Invoice which was corrupt and how Microsoft Dynamics GP Check Links couldn’t be used to fix the problem as it only looks at the standard tables but the invoice in question was a recurring invoice created using Nolan Business Solutions’ Advanced Sales Order processing with recurring Invoices. Continue reading “Mea Culpa: Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice”

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 On Windows 8 Developer Preview

Microsoft Dynamics GPWell, I’ve just finished installing SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft Dynamics 2010 R2 on the Windows 8 Developer Preview and GP is exactly like it is on Windows 7. Continue reading “Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 On Windows 8 Developer Preview”

Home Screen Connect Error – Server Error in ‘/lus’ Application.’

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client testing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 prior to going live rang to say they were getting a runtime error when logging in. I dialled in and checked the home screen and couldn’t see any problem with the dynsa home screen so asked for a screenshot showing the error;

The screenshot they sent showed the below error message;

Home Screen Connect Error - Server Error in '/lus' Application.'

Continue reading “Home Screen Connect Error – Server Error in ‘/lus’ Application.’”

How To Use All Account User Defined Fields On SmartLists – Step By Step

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn a post last week I linked to Frank Hamelly’s post on using all four User Defined Fields on the Account Maintenance window (Cards » Financial » Account).

I thought it might be useful to follow up with a step-by-step explanation of creating a SmartList for historical GL transactions with all four user defined fields from the account. Continue reading “How To Use All Account User Defined Fields On SmartLists – Step By Step”

Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe received a call from a client yesterday about a problem with a sales invoice.

They’d tried to amend the value, had a problem and then tried to void the transaction (their settings prevented the registered invoice being deleted but something went wrong.

It was at this point that they called the helpdesk to report the following error message;

This document number already exists. Please enter a new document number.

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Earlier Version of Dynamics.dic Than Installed

Microsoft Dynamics GPI did a test upgrade for a client recently (yes, I’ve been doing a few of these) so they could make sure everything still works and allow them to check out some of the new features.

I got this error message forwarded to me by one of the clients after he tried to login to do some testing;

You are using an earlier version of Dynamics.dic than the one that

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Installing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 – Insufficient Privileges To Modify The VBA Project Error

Microsoft Dynamics GPI upgraded a clients test system from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 SP3 to 2010 R2 successfully on the main system such as installing the main client and upgrading the system and company databases.

The client has a few modified reports on the system which needed to be brought across to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. These reports were exported from Customisation Maintenance (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Customise » Customisation Maintenance);

Customisation Maintenance

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