Fixed Assets Now Disallows Hyphens In The Asset ID

Microsoft Dynamics GPI heard about this problem a short time ago, but have just had a client upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013 R2 and encounter this problem:

Microsoft Dynamics GP - The asset ID cannot contain a hyphen. Select a different asset ID.Microsoft Dynamics GP - The asset ID cannot contain a hyphen. Select a different asset ID.

This issue was discussed at some length on the Community Forum with Frank Hamelly supplying a SQL script to update the assets.

With my client I took a slightly different tack and used the Fixed Assets Modifier tool in the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL). This tool works on a single asset at a time and, unlike some of the other modifiers, does not allow import of a spreadsheet.

However, PSTL is written in Dexterity and allows the use of Dynamics GP Macros; so after doing an extract of all Asset IDs I was able to use mail merge to generate a macro to update all fixed assets containing a hyphen in the Asset ID.

I have checked Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and a hyphen is still disallowed in the Asset ID field.

azurecurve Links Updated: The Dex God Has A New Blog

Microsoft Dynamics GPThere has been some movement on Dynamics GP related blogs since I last updated my links page.

Steve Endow was awarded MVP so I have moved him to the MVP section from the Consultants one.

And, obviously, the biggest news is that David Musgrave left Microsoft and founded Winthrop Development Consultants and is now blogging at the Winthrop DC blog.

David's contributions to the Dynamics GP community are one of the main reasons why I started blogging (his posts were so damn useful I decided to offer back whatever I could), so I am delighted to see that he will be continuing to contribute to the community following his departure from Microsoft.

If there are other blogs out there I should have listed, please let me know.