Cashbook Bank Management – Cash Receipt Entry Oddity

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was reviewing a specification for some development in Microsoft Dynamics GP yesterday and encountered an oddity on one of the supplied screenshots. I was going to add it to the issues list and pass it back to the developer but decided to check the window in GP so I could outline the exact requirements.

It was then that I found the screenshot actually looked exactly like the window.

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Updating Item Purchasing Unit Of Measure From A CSV

Microsoft Dynamics GPAfter a slight mid-week diversion, here is another script I produced a while ago which updates the Item’s Default Purchasing Unit of Measure. It was produced when a client wanted to bulk update a large number of records which would have taken a long time manually but by script only minutes to write and run.

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Update Sales Transactions Distributions From Item

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis is a script I’ve had a few months now and, like the one I posted yesterday, thought it might be useful to others.

This script was created for a client who changed some of their account codes on some Item Classes and had rolled them down to the Items themselves but there were many Sales Transactions already on the system which had the old code on and needed to be updated to the new one.

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Update Inventory Item Accounts From CSV

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis script was produced for a client who wanted to bulk update the accounts defined against selected Inventory Items in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2. This particular client did not have Integration Manager so I needed an alternative approach to doing the update.

I could have used a GP Macro to do the job (doing one while recording the macro to create a template to be populated from a CSV using Mail Merge) but it was easier to create a SQL script to do the job directly from the CSV (this is the same view I took for updating the Account Segment Master).

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How To Deploy SSRS Reports In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2

Microsoft Dynamics GPEarlier this week I did a post on how to configure SQL Server Reporting Services for use with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is the follow up post where I’m going to explain how to deploy the SSRS reports for GP.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 MB2-867 Installation & Deployment Certification

Microsoft Dynamics GPNormal service for blog posts will soon be resumed.

I was out of the office last week learning about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have passed the MB2-867 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Installation & Deployment certification; a nice addition to the three Microsoft Dynamics GP certs I already have.

Any items of interest I encounter about Dynamics CRM which relate to GP, such as the CRM-GP Connector, will be shared here.

4th Dynamics Certification Gained: Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve been a bit quiet again this week posting wise, but this was because I was preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam yesterday.

Fortunately, I passed and am now the holder of a Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementation certification along side the three Dynamics GP certs I already had; GP 10 Installation & Configuration, GP 10 Financials and GP 2010 Inventory & Order Processing.

I’ve taken a look at the Certification Planner on Microsoft Learning to see how far I am from an MCITP in Installation & Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics GP. I think I’m one certification away but it’s slightly hard to tell as the planner hasn’t been updated with the GP 2010 exams.