New Microsoft Dynamics GP Suggestions Website Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics GPLast week, on the About Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog, Terry Heley announced the availability of the replacement of the Microsoft Connect website.

The replacement site is Experience Dynamics; you can read the site without being logged in, but voting and submitting suggestions requires being logged in.

Microsoft were always responsive to suggests logged on the old Microsoft Connect site, and I expect them to be as responsive to suggestions submitted to this new site. I'd encourage all users of Microsoft Dynamics GP, at both clients and partners, to submit their suggestions on how Dynamics GP can be improved.

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow File and Folder Shortcuts to be Attached in DocAttach

Microsoft Dynamics GPDocAttach was introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and replaced the ole OLE Notes functionality in all areas of Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

You can attach all types of files to DocAttach including web links, except you cannot include shortcuts to files or folders on your network. While the intention of DocAttach is to be able to attach files and have them stored in the database.

However, if you deal with a substantial number of fixed assets and need images of the condition, or deal with technical diagrams, these files are often between quite and very large. As files are stored in the database as BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects) they are the same size in the database as they were originally; this can mean the database size will grow very quickly as files are added.

I have submitted a suggestion on Microsoft Connect asking that file and folder shortcuts be an allowed file type for Doc Attach.

You can vote for this suggestion here.

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Workflow Steps to be Copied

Microsoft Dynamics GPI am on a bit of a kick with suggestions for improving Workflow 2.0 at the moment and have another MS Connect suggestion for you to vote for.

The Workflow Maintenance window currently has the facility to copy an entire workflow process (including between companies), but does not have the facility to copy a workflow step; many times when I am creating a workflow process with, or for, a client we are creating many steps which only vary in the approver and part of the condition (for example a different site or segment in the account, and it would reduce the effort and time needed if the workflow step could be copied and amended, rather than created from scratch each time.

You can vote for this suggestion here.

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Additional Fields to be Avalable to Workflow Notification Emails

Microsoft Dynamics GPMy fourth Workflow suggestion has been submitted to Microsoft Connect for you to vote on.

The fields available to the Workflow email notifications are very limited, and there is no front end way of making them available. I'd like to see functionality added to Workflow Maintenance to flag fields as available to the notification emails; this would include fields from any tables available to the workflow type, including from an additional table joined to the workflow type through the enhanced Query Editor.

You can vote for this suggestion here.

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow SQL Views to be Included in Workflow Conditions

Microsoft Dynamics GPContinuing my list of suggestions for improving Workflow, I have another one for you to vote for.

Through enabling a Dex.ini switch, an enhanced Workflow Condition Query Editor can be enabled, which allows Dexterity tables to be joined into the workflow. However, there have been a few times recently when being able to join in a SQL View would have been most beneficial. This functionality is available in SmartList Designer where Dex tables can be selected and at the bottom of the list is a node for SQL Views which displays all of the views in the database and allows them to be selected.

I'd like the same functionality made available to Workflow Maintenance to add flexibility to workflow design.

You can vote for this suggestion here.

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Workflow Steps to Have Multiple Parents

Microsoft Dynamics GPI have another Workflow related MS Connect Suggestion I'd like you to vote for.

I have worked on a number of projects for clients implementing Workflow 2.0 where being able to set one step with multiple parents would greatly reduce the work involved in creating the workflow.

For example I have recently worked with a client who has a Function segment in the chart of accounts, which requires approval by the Function Approver, which is a different person for each Function, and then a second level of approval by a Finance Panel, which is always the same five people.

When we create the workflow for POs we need to create forty Steps, one for each Function with it’s set of approvers, and then forty Finance Panel Approval Steps after each of the Function approval steps.

For example:

Step for Function = "IT"
	followed by a Finance Panel approval step.
Step for Function = "HR"
	followed by a Finance Panel approval step.
Step for Function = "TRAINING"
	followed by a Finance Panel approval step.
Step for Function = "SALES"
	followed by a Finance Panel approval step.
Step for Function = "ADMIN"
	followed by a Finance Panel approval step.
Step for Function = "OPERATIONS"
	followed by a Finance Panel approval step.

If we could define the Finance Panel step and assign it to follow multiple steps instead of only the one parent which can be assigned at the moment, it would save so much time and effort when creating and maintaining the workflow.

You can vote on the suggestion here.

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Parenthesis in Workflow Step Conditions

MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Parenthesis in Workflow Step Conditions

Microsoft Dynamics GPI have a Workflow related MS Connect Suggestion I'd like you to vote for.

I would like to request the facility to use parenthesis in Workflow Step Conditions in order to simplfy the creation of the conditions.

For example, currently a condition may need to be entered as:
VendorClass = "EU" and ItemClass = "IT" and CostCentre = "NEWCASTLE"
VendorClass = "EU" and ItemClass = "IT" and CostCentre = "LONDON"
VendorClass = "EU" and ItemClass = "IT" and CostCentre = "EDINBURGH"

And that is with only an or clause on one of the parameters. I might have 6 VendorClasses and 20 ItemClasses; it gets real big, real quick.

If parenthesis could be used, as in a mathematical equation, I could enter the condition as:
VendorClass = "EU" and ItemClass = "IT" and (CostCentre = "NEWCASTLE" or CostCentre = "LONDON" or CostCentre = "EDINBURGH")

This would shrink the amount of work required to create anything but the simplest of workflow processes enormously.

You can vote on the suggestion here

MS Connect Suggestion: Include Multicurrency Vouchers in Select Checks Window

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis suggestion is one from MVP Mariano Gomez to improve the payment run process by allowing multicurrency invoices to be included.

Currently, the payment selection process only allows vouchers issued in the batch currency to be selected and added to the check run. If the user wants to add foreign currency vouchers, he/she needs to use the Edit Checks window to add such vouchers. It would be nice to be able to have an option to include functional currency vouchers in the case of a foreign currency batch, or foreign currency vouchers in the case of a functional currency batch.

This is the use case:

Vendor A Invoice 1 CA$10.00
Vendor A Invoice 2 US$20.00
Vendor A Invoice 3 US$30.00

If a payment selection is performed and the batch currency is CA$, only the first voucher will be selected. To add Invoice 2 and 3, you would have to use the Edit Checks window to include both vouchers.

Conversely, if the batch currency is US$ and the payment selection for vendor A is performed, only invoices 2 and 3 would be selected and you would have to use the Edit Checks window to include Invoice 1.

What Mariano would like to see is all invoices selected (based on selection rules) and let the user deal with the exceptions, as it should be.

As mentioned, all the logic is already there via the Edit Checks window and it would be nice to incorporate as part of the payment selection process. As others have mentioned, having multicurrency vouchers included could be a payables configuration item or simply an additional option in the Select Payments (Select Checks) window.

Mark Polino has also suggested that this functionality be optioned with Rod O'Connor further suggesting the option be on the Select Checks window itself to allow maximum flexibility. Both of these seem like a good addition to Mariano's idea.

The suggestion can be voted on here.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Now Available For Download

Microsoft Dynamics GPOn the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, Pam Misialek has announced the availability of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2.

You can download it from here.

You can read about the new features coming in my Dynamics GP 2016 R2 Feature of the Day series of posts.

Pam highlights that starting next week, the Support team will post additional technical content in their Blog Series

Dynamics GP is moving, following partner and customer feedback, to annual releases. There was a recent roadmap released which you can see here.

Microsoft are currently working on GP Next and this is your opportunity to help shape the future functionality using Microsoft Connect. I would recommend you use that site to request features or enhancements which you would like to have included in Dynamics GP.

I'm about to drive home from client site, so I can't get my hands on it for another 7 hours or so 🙁

Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R1: First Opinions on the HTML5 Web Client

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn the last post, I showed the new HTML5 web client, but didn't really give an opinion on how well I thought it worked.

Not having to install SilverLight on each PC or laptop which will run the web client is a definite plus; likewise it being cross platform and supported on Chrome, Safari and Firefox is another plus.

The HTML5 web client is also, in my opinion, quicker than the old SilverLight one.

However, there is one large negative which escaped me when doing initial testing and which Belinda Allen pointed out, although not on her blog, you can only have one open at a time; when you open a window the area pages are disabled, preventing you from opening another:

Vendor Maintenance

You can still drill down to other windows so you can for example drill from the Account Summary Inquiry to the Detailed Summary Inquiry or from Vendor Maintenance to Country Code Maintenance:

Country Code Maintenance

When you do open one window from a drill down the original window is then disabled. To toggle between them you need to use the Search for a Form or Report window:

Search for a Form or Report

This situation has created a bit of an outcry at Microsoft asking that they do further work to allow multiple window to be open at the same time. There is a post on the Microsoft Connect site where you can vote on this issue and impress upon Microsoft the importance that a resolution is found for this issue. You can vote here.

One of the main issues with the approach Microsoft have taken is that some ISV products rely on having more than one window open at the same time; another is it can seriously interrupt your workflow by being restricted to one window. Imagine, you're half-way through creating a new vendor card when a customer rings up with an invoice query; you'd need to close the Vendor Maintenance window to open the Transactions by Debtor one.

More information on this issue has been posted by MVPs David Musgrave and Beat Bucher.

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