Microsoft Dynamics GP Naming And Modern Lifecycle

Microsoft Dynamics GPWith the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP in October 2019, it is moving to the Modern Lifecycle. This means the new version won’t be called Microsoft Dynamics GP 2019 as thought, but will instead be the Microsoft Dynamics GP “October 2019” Release.

The Modern Policy offers continuous support and servicing, including bug fixes, new features and the latest tax updates. Customers can stay current by taking at least one of the three yearly planned Dynamics GP releases.

Before the October 2019 release, any older release will continue to follow their existing Lifecycle timelines under the Fixed Policy which you can see here.

Microsoft are committing to three updates per year with additional updates as needed (which would include changes like regulatory requirements such as the UK’s Making Tax Digital).

You can see the planned update schedule for Microsoft Dynamics GP, beginning with the October 2019 release, on the Microsoft Docs website.

Microsoft MVP Jen Kuntz shared her thoughts on the change and I largely agree with her. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a mature product which doesn’t undergo the large architectural changes a much less mature product, such as Dynamics 365 Business Central undergoes, as it already has the core functionality and the basic structure doesn’t need to change as much. This means updates and upgrades are much simpler to undertake. A simpler upgrade once per year is a lot less work and a lot less disruptive than a major upgrade every two or three years.

New features coming to Microsoft Dynamics GP in 2019

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is coming in October this year and a trickle (hopefully) of new features has just been announced at the GP Tech Conference in Fargo, North Dakota.

The features have been announced in one of the sessions at the conference which I have unfortunately not been able to attend; the features listed below have been tweeted by attendees I follow on Twitter:

The first feature announced was a new long description (100 characters) on AP Transactions:

This will be nice as it is a common request from clients to have a longer description when entering an invoice.

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News from GP Tech Conference: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 is the Next Version

Microsoft Dynamics GPUnfortunately, I’ve not been able to attend the GP tech Confernece this week and am having to watch it vicariously on Twitter using the #GPTechConf hashtag. There’s been some interesting updates on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (yep, 2018 R2 and not 2019). The first bit of news is confirmation of the rumour that it would be released on 1st October instead of December. This is apparently to bring it more in line with other Dynamics applications.

MVP Jen Kuntz has been tweeting about some of the new features coming in Dynamics GP 2018 R2:

MVP Steve Endow also tweeted bout another new feature: Sales Transaction Approval workflow. I do like to see new workflows introduced, and this is one I’ve been asked about a few times.

The way Jen presented the series of posts I covered above, these are not the only new features, but ones she picked out as being the good ones. As everyone uses Dynamics GP somewhat differently, due to the needs of their business, it will be interesting to see the full list when released.

Jen also did a round-up blog post on day one of the conference where she points out that the above features are not confirmed for inclusion in 2018 R2 as they are still in QA. This is the same message given other years and the vast majority of the features shown have been included when the software was released.

Sample SQL Views for SmartLists (by Jen Kuntz)

Microsoft Dynamics GPI occasionally link to blog posts that other people have done and todays post is one of these.

Jen Kuntz is running a TIP Tuesday series of posts at the moment and her tip this week is looking at a set of SQL views from Microsoft (originally posted by Isaac Olson).

As Jen points out, while Microsoft bill these as for use with SmartList Designer, they will work with SmartList Builder or any other reporting tool (Excel Reports, Reporting Services Reports and so on).

To make use of these SQL views, you do need to have a CustomerSource login to download them and knowledge of creating views and granting permissions.

My addition to this would be a reminder that there are lots of other resources available from the wider community which can be freely amended and used in reporting, such as from Victoria Yudin.

You can read Jen’s full post here.

I try to keep up-to-date with blog posts about Dynamics GP, but the post from Isaac apparently went by without me seeing it, so it was good to get a second chance at reading about it from Jen.

** updated due to wrong name

Does Project Green Dynamics 365 Mean The Death Of Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GPNewly anointed MVP Jen Kuntz, of Kuntz Consulting Inc. has a new blog post up where she discusses what the launch of Dynamics 365 means for Microsoft Dynamics GP and the rumours which have been springing up.

Unfortunately, some of these rumours seem to be coming from Microsoft partners themselves.

I was at the reIMAGINE Dynamics GP partner conference earlier this year, where Errol Schoenfish, the Director of Product Marketing at Microsoft, reiterated, and got us to stand up and repeat along with him that “Microsoft Dynamics GP is going nowhere.

Microsoft then displayed a slide showing the continuing development of Dynamics GP (and NAV and AX and SL alongside Dynamics 365):

RoadmapMicrosoft Dynamics GP roadmap

That was followed up more recently with a roadmap for Dynamics GP with the release of 2016 R2 at the start of December this year and GP 2018 at the start of December next year, with GP “NExt” following a year later:

RoadmapMicrosoft Dynamics GP roadmap

My reference to Project Green in the post title, was slightly tongue in cheek. Back in 2008, a merger of the Dynamics ERP was looked into briefly be Microsoft, before being discarded. That was Project Green.

It still comes up in conversations now; last year we had a prospect in who mentioned a competitor selling another ERP mentioning that GP would be merged with NAV. He stopped at that point when he saw my huge roll eyes, and confirmed it as Project Green when I asked. I then explained what it was and when it ended.

That’s the problem with rumours. When they start they can be difficult to stop. The message on Dynamics 365 from Microsoft hasn’t been great and needs to improve.

My MVP Renewed for 2016 And Jen Kuntz Awarded

Microsoft MVPWhile in America on vacation following reIMAGINE 2016, I received the notification email that I had been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for the fourth year running. It’s very nice to receive the award as it shows I am still contributing in a meaningful way to the Dynamics GP community.

There was another new MVP for Dynamics GP added to the roster this month as well; Jen Kuntz.

Jen has been a great contributor to the Dynamics GP community for a while now and I’m delighted to see that this has been officially recognised by Microsoft with her MVP award.

A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 7 – MVP Count = 4

reIMAGINE2016One of the nice things about coming to one of these conferences is meeting all of the people I have been speaking to online for the last few years.

Before now, I had only met Tim Wappat, so it is good to add some more names. Especially when you consider I have never met any of my fellow MVPs.

So far today, my MVP count is at four (and should increase later this evening):

  1. John Lowther who came in for a chat while I was setting up for my pre-conference training session on Workflow 2.0
  2. Belinda Allen who was setting up for her training session in the room next door; I popped through to see her when I was finished setting up.
  3. Mariano Gomez and David Musgrave who came in together to see me during the first break in the training.

I also met Jen Kuntz (who was helping Belinda with her session) at lunchtime, which was good as I have spoken to her online multiple times.