Microsoft Dynamics GP February 2020 Hotfix Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPOn the 6th February Microsoft announced the release of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2020 Hotfix. This hotfix is for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, 2018 R2 or the October 2019 release , although any compliance related changes will roll into the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 mid-year update scheduled for release in June; there will be no more updates on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 so those still on that version should start planning their upgrade sooner than later.

This hotfix is KB4538329 which will increase the version number to 18.2.1060 with key changes being:

  • Stored procedure problems in GL and AA when using SQL Server 2019 are resolved.
  • Payables – The new feature Long Description field may cause check stub to print on two pages graphical and TXT formats fixed.
  • Letter Writing Assistant Collections Letters Second Notice for Collection letter for <> omits last invoice.
  • Encumbrance – Budget table GL00201 updating in the wrong direction when approving a Purchase Requisition with Encumbrance through Workflow.

Full details are here and it can be downloaded from PartnerSource lock or CustomerSource lock (login required).

More Changes for VAT in Microsoft Dynamics GP April 2019 Hotfix

Microsoft Dynamics GPSnuck out just before the Easter bank holidays was a new hotfix with some fixes in for the following in UK VAT:

  • To submit the file to HMRC you had to be logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP as user SA.
  • You may incorrectly receive an error in VAT Daybook Obligation period dates do not match with the VAT Daybook Calendar.
  • VAT submission changes required by HMRC.

The post on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog is here.

The hotfix is inclusive of the February hotfix changes and can be downloaded via these links:

Microsoft Dynamics GP July Hotfix – 2018 Mid Year Tax Update Released

Microsoft Dynamics GPBack at the end of June, Microsoft released the Microsoft Dynamics GP July Hotfix – 2018 Mid Year Tax Update. I’ve delayed posting as there was a retraction and re-release of the hotfix due to some changes in Ontario tax and I decided to give it a little time to settle down.

There are a number of bug fixes in this release, two of which I reported to Microsoft:

Both of these fixes have been reported as fixed, so I will be giving this a test over the next few days, as I have a few clients waiting for these fixes.

Everyone will have their own notable fixes, but below is the list of items which I think will have relvance to my clients:

  • You may notice the Cash Receipts Inquiry Zoom window is cut off in certain areas, missing fields, after you upgrade to Dynamics GP 2018.
  • If a user’s workstations regional settings are set to the date format of DDMMYYY, transaction entry screens in web client does not reflect this date format. The main date in the top right corner does, but transaction entry screens do not. They show as MMDDYYY.
  • The VAT report was not including transactions that originated from General Ledger.
  • The VAT Report does not mark off transactions in the TX30000 table when regional settings are DATE/TIME format set to English-UK.
  • PM Payables Transaction Workflow A get/change operation on table ‘PM_Transcation_WORK’ failed.

For the full list of fixes, see the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog blog for full details and download links for supported versions of Dynamics GP (2015, 2016 and 2018).

Download links for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 are below: