A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 17 – Conference Day 3/Tips for Creating Integrations Session

reIMAGINE2016The third and final day of the conference was quite a short day with only three sessoins in the morning.

The first of the sessions I attended was Tips for Creating Integrations which was run by a former Microsoftie who now works at eOne. The session did have general tips on what you should be thinking about and asking when creating integrations, but was, as you would expect for a session run by a partner, focused on using their tools. In this case, the tool was SmartConnect.

As a partner of eOne already, SmartConnect was already on my list to take a look at (we currently mainly do SmartList Builder although we also have clients with Extender and SmartView), it was a very interesting session showing how data could be integrated into Dynamics GP from other sources such as Dynamics CRM or a web site and also how the Excel add-in can be used to extract data, and then update Dynamics GP once the user edits the data in Excel.

Much to think about.

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A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 10 – Conference Day 1/eOne Party

reIMAGINE2016In my last post, I mentioned that I hadn’t had time to write a post up; I then did a short one about the day.

(as an aside, there is about to be a flood of posts done as I catch up; I’ve had four-and-three-quarter-hours stuck here in Chicago O’Hare airport, and have another 2-5-3 to go.)

Well, the reason that I did not have time, was that there was a cocktail reception at Microsoft following which eOne held a party at Shotgun Sally’s. This is a bar pretty much just around the corner from the ClubHouse Hotel where I was staying.

Perfect Image are partners of eOne (we sell a lot of SmartList Builder and have clients with Extender and SmartView), so I felt obliged to go along. It was a good night where I got to talk to a lot of people and met quite a few who I knew from online (Jon Rivers and Pam Misialek included).

As part of the evening, one of the eOne guy’s did a beard/head shaving for charity. He apparently hadn’t been clean shaven for 30 years and has 28 year old children, so they’ll be seeing something they haven’t seen before.

The deal was, if $1,000 was placed in the bucket for charity, his wife would come down and shave his beard and the rest of his head (excepting the moustache). That sum was easily reached and it was confirmed later that the partners present that evening had donated a total of $2,500 with more added the next day taking the total to over $3,500.

My apologies, I don’t recall which charity it was, but in addition to US Dollars, they also received some Pounds Sterling (and Canadian Dollars from others).

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SmartList Builder Will Be Disabled Until It Is Initialized By The System Administrator

Microsoft Dynamics GPI have been involved in several upgrade projects with clients recently where we have been upgrading them from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 through to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Since this version was launched, SmartList Builder has been pushed back out to eOne, the original ISV.

So, after doing the normal upgrade process, we have then installed the latest version of SmartList Builder from the eOne website. However, this has not been a smooth process.

One of the clients started receiving the following error message whenever a user tried to access SmartList:

SmartList Builder Will Be Disabled Until It Is Initialized By The System Administrator

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