Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3 Has Been Released

Microsoft DynamicsOn the Developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, David Musgrave has posted an announcement that Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 3 is now available.

As always with service packs to Microsoft Dynamics GP there are a multitude of downloads covering all the different related products to Dynamics GP itself such as Integration Manager and eConnect.

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eConnect Messages Not Posting To GL

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe morning opened with a feeling of déjà vu. A client testing Microsoft Dynamics GP reported that transactions they were posting in an external system were not appearing in GP.

After checking out the other issues I’ve seen recently (Domain Trust issues, Windows Updates restarting MSMQ and timeouts) without luck I expanded the investigation. Continue reading “eConnect Messages Not Posting To GL”

eConnect Error: Unrecognized error 232 (0xe8)

Microsoft Dynamics GPA couple of weeks ago, a client was testing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 and reported that some of their postings from an external system were not arriving in GP (these postings are transferred using eConnect).

When I installed eConnect I enabled Journalling on the econnect_incoming queue so we would have a record of messages which had been submitted. After receiving the error I went to make sure the messages had reached the GP server (Start menu » Control Panel » Administrative Tools » Computer Management » Services and Applications » Message Queuing » Private Queues » econnect_incoming » Journal Messages) Continue reading “eConnect Error: Unrecognized error 232 (0xe8)”

Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this post I discussed changing the password in eConnect 10. However, changes were made to eConnect 11 which means the password is not changed in the same way when using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

eConnect 10 is a COM+ application while eConnect 11 is a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service-oriented application. This means the password change is a different process although it must still be done in two places. Continue reading “Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010”