Dex.ini Switch To Prevent Users Changing DSN

Microsoft Dynamics GPThere are a lot of switches available which can be added to the Dex.ini file; Leslie Vail did a post back in February 2014 where she listed all of the switches she knows (and a long list it is too).

I need to have a proper through Leslie’s list again soon as there are some very useful switches. Two that caught my eye recently, which are on Leslie’s list, were actually posted by Béat Bucher on the Dynamics Community Forum (I was searching for something else when I found the post):

SQLLastDataSource=Dynamics GP

These switches set the last DSN used and then disable the Server drop down to stop users changing it. This is useful when there are several DNSs created on the client machine (required for other applications), but only one of them is for Dynamics GP.

Reports Print With Overlapping Text

Microsoft Dynamics GPI had a curious one a few months ago (which I forgot to post). A client I was implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP for encountered a problem whenever they printed a report; all of the text was overlapping:

Overlapping text on report

If a document was printed from Microsoft Word it was fine; if a GP report as printed to XPS and then sent to the printer from there then it was also fine. It was just the reports printed directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP which had the overlapping text problem.

Doing some more testing I was able to narrow the problem down further, from thinking it was all GP reports, to only the text based reports. Not having seen this problem before I thought a quick online search might find me an answer.

And it did; I found an old post from David Musgrave on the Developing for Dynamics GP blog where he covers how to change the font used for Text reports.

By using the information in David’s post to update the settings in the dex.ini file I was able to resolve the problem.

I added the following lines to the dex.ini file on each client (and left notes with the client’s IT department so they could do this on any new installations):

FontCourier New=Lucida Console

Hiding The Fabrikam Demo Company Date Warning

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhen doing sales demos or testing I tend to use the Microsoft supplied demo database to save time on rolling my own.

One annoyance in it is the warning message that is displayed when logging into Fabrikam;

Microsoft Dynamics GP - You have chosen to use the sample company, which provides data that you can use to practice procedures or learn nore about the product. When you use this sample company, the date is automatically set to April 12, 2017.

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Centralising OLE Notes

Microsoft Dynamics GPIt has become standard policy that whenever we install Microsoft Dynamics GP the OLE Notes directory is centralised; this means that any files which are added to record notes are available to all client machines. The problem I constantly have, is that I expect the setting to be in Microsoft Dynamics GP itself; stored somewhere like System or Company Settings and I end up spending a few minutes hunting around before I remember it’s not. Continue reading “Centralising OLE Notes”