Run Application Error Generating Remittances

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was onsite with a client a while ago helping them create new Citrix XenApp Gold Build Servers. When users were testing, they encountered the following error when generating remittances:

Run application error message


"C:UsersTEMP~1.FLAppDataLocalTempCheck Remittance~2.docx" '
returned 5

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Set Citrix XenApp Into Install Mode

Citrix XenAppWhen installing applications onto a Citrix XenApp server you need to do so by running the Install... routine first to ensure the installation works successfully.

While this isn't difficult to do, it is more fiddly than I ideally want. There is, however, a command that can be run in a Command Prompt to set install mode and another one to switch it off.

I always forget what these commands are so figured by posting them here it would both give me easy access to remind myself, but also that I find posting here helps things stick in memory anyway.

So to set XenApp into install mode open a command prompt (Win + R followed by typing cmd) and type the following:

change user /install

Once the program has finished installing, switch the server back to normal by entering the following command:

change user /execute

File Not Found: VBA6.DLL

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhile VBA is falling out of favour with Microsoft Dynamics GP (by dint of not being supported in the web client) it is still useful for those clients who do not use, and have no intention of using, the web client.

One such client was recently installing some new XenAPp servers using Windows Server 2012; when they tried to open a window with a VBA customisation they received the following error:

File Not Found: VBA6.DLLFile Not Found: VBA6.DLL

Fortunately, Beth Gardner posted the answer to the Developing for Dynamics GP blog.

Management Reporter Not Remembering The Default Company

Microsoft Dynamics GPI am definitely in a Management Reporter zone at the moment. A recent issue I've dealt with was where Management Reporter was not remembering the Default Company, so each time a user opened Management Reporter they had to reset it before they could use Management Reporter Report Designer.

A little checking round and this turned out to be a problem with the configuration of Citrix XenApp which is clearing down the user profiles each time the user logged off.

Management Reporter stores the users default company in a configuration file located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Management Reporter\ and this data was being cleared down each time they logged off Citrix. What keyed me into this being the problem was when I got a user to close Management Reporter and reopen it without logging off Citrix and they did not then need to select the default company; they only needed to do this after logging all of the way out.

The solution to the problem is to change the configuration of Citrix so that the configuration file is not deleted when the user logs off. Once this is done, the Default Company will be remembered.