General Ledger Summary Trial Balance Returning Incorrect Data

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe are currently in the process of upgrading a large 20 site client from Microsoft Dynamics GP 9 to a later version (unfortunately not 2015 due to third party add-ons which are not supported on this version). The client previously had standalone implementations at each site, but we are aggregating them into one implementation for ease of maintenance and also to reduce licensing costs.

The first few we centralised went fine, but we then ran into problems when we did the head office companies. When they ran the GL Summary TB on the old and new systems there was a mismatch between them.

After investigating, the support team established that the problem was down to some corruption in the Account Index Master table (GL00105) where some of the accounts had segments separated with dots instead of dashes as defined in Account Format Setup (Administration area page » Setup » Company » Account Format).

The solution they followed was fairly simple, and in three steps:

  1. Run a script to clear the Account Index Master table:
  2. Run Check Links (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Maintenance » Check Links) on Account Master.
  3. Run the General Ledger Reconcile utility (Financials area page » Utilities » Reconcile) on all years starting with the oldest and working forward.

After this was done, the report produced from the upgraded system matched the old one.

Mea Culpa: Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this post I discussed fixing a Sales Invoice which was corrupt and how Microsoft Dynamics GP Check Links couldn’t be used to fix the problem as it only looks at the standard tables but the invoice in question was a recurring invoice created using Nolan Business Solutions’ Advanced Sales Order processing with recurring Invoices. Continue reading “Mea Culpa: Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice”

Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe received a call from a client yesterday about a problem with a sales invoice.

They’d tried to amend the value, had a problem and then tried to void the transaction (their settings prevented the registered invoice being deleted but something went wrong.

It was at this point that they called the helpdesk to report the following error message;

This document number already exists. Please enter a new document number.

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