Cashbook Bank Management – Value Exists In The PM_Key_MSTR Table

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client had an odd error with the Cashbook Bank Management module the other day when trying to enter a deposit; the following was printed on the exception report when trying to post the transaction:

Value exists in the PM_Key_MSTR table

I did some digging around and found that the Next Voucher Number field in Payables Management Setup – Options (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Setup » Purchasing » Payables Setup) was blank.

I set a new value in the Next Voucher Number field and the deposit could be posted without problem.

Cashbook Bank Management – Cash Receipt Entry Oddity

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was reviewing a specification for some development in Microsoft Dynamics GP yesterday and encountered an oddity on one of the supplied screenshots. I was going to add it to the issues list and pass it back to the developer but decided to check the window in GP so I could outline the exact requirements.

It was then that I found the screenshot actually looked exactly like the window.

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Missing Transaction In Cashbook Bank Management?

Microsoft Dynamics GPI dealt with an issue yesterday where a manual payment had been entered into Payables Transaction Entry (Transactions » Purchasing » Transaction Entry) but was not showing up in Bank Management’s Reconciliation screen (Transactions » Financial » Bank Management » Reconciliation).

The reason for this is actually quite simple, but I can’t help but feel it is a little bug like. Only payments made directly via Transaction Entry or those produced during the payment run (Transactions » Purchasing » Select Cheques) are posted to Bank Management. If you need to do a manual payment into Payables, or a manual receipt into Receivables, then this needs to be done via CBM Batch Entry (Transactions » Financial » Bank Management » Batches) Continue reading “Missing Transaction In Cashbook Bank Management?”