Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap For 2016 R2 & Later

The Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog recently posted the roadmap for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, Dynamics GP 2018 and later. Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap Following feedback from clients and partners, Microsoft are moving away from the 6 monthly releasde schedule they moved to a while ago. To be honest,… Read more“Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap For 2016 R2 & Later”

New GP Blog: Get Interfaced

Each time we have brought someone new into the ERP Practice at Perfect Image I have challenged them to write a blog about what they learn, and what they already know. I’ve not had any takers until now, but Jamie Harris, who was promoted to my team from the service… Read more“New GP Blog: Get Interfaced” has moved to

Okay not actually as confusing as the title suggests but Mark Polino has migrated hs blog from Blogspot to WordPress and now has the address pointing to the blog so update your bookmarks and go to the new site for his regular updates on happenings in the Dynamics GP… Read more“ has moved to”