Implementing Jet Reports: Management Reporter vs. Jet Reports

Jet ReportsThe vast majority of my clients are users of Management Reporter, when implementing Jet Reports, one of the key areas, which needs to be discussed, is how Management Reporter compares to Jet Reports.

Fortunately some work has already been done in this area by MVP Belina Allen, the GP CSI. She has done a series of videos on Management Reporter versus Jet Reports.

Below are links to the playlist of all videos as well as links to the individual videos:

  1. Playlist containing all of the below videos
  2. Excel Add-On: An Introduction - Management Reporter vs. Jet Reports
  3. Building Rows - Management Reporter vs. Jet Reports
  4. Building Columns - Management Reporter vs. Jet Reports
  5. Building Trees - Management Reporter vs. Jet Reports
  6. Report Definition - Management Reporter vs. Jet Reports

If you're a Management Reporter user who is implementing Jet Reports, I'd encourage you to take the time to watch Belinda's videos.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Book Roundup

Microsoft Dynamics GPThere are a number of books available for Microsoft Dynamics GP which have been written by various people across a umber of years (although a few names crop up repeatedly). I thought it might be useful to list the books which are currently available for each version of Microsoft Dynamics GP; some of the books are only available for older versions of Dynamics GP, but the information within is still mostly relevant.

To avoid any appearence of favouritism, I have listed them in Dynamics GP version and author surname order (when multiple authors, the first listed author's name is used).

Where there is no version in the name I have made by best guess as to which version it was written against.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

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The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP, or “Project Green: Revenant”

Microsoft Dynamics GPLike the lich which won't die and stay dead, Project Green rears it's head once again. This time from former Dynamics NAV MVP Mark Brummel.

Image courtesy of hyena reality at

Dynamics GP MVP Belinda Allen has responded with a blog post, The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP, rebutting Mark's statement about the future of Dynamics GP.

I'd encourage you to read Belinda's post in full, but a couple of passages seem worthy of quoting:

Is GP Retired and in Maintenance Only Mode?

Microsoft Dynamics GP is NOT retired, or in maintenance only mode. I’m not sure from where Mark heard this rumor, but it is not anywhere close to being correct. This has been made very clear by the Microsoft team at every customer and partner facing event that has been held over the years, with the sharing of the Roadmap. The GP Roadmap always shows 2-3 versions out, unlike other Microsoft products (which are also not retiring) that show 1-2 versions out.

And the second quote:

Before I began writing this article, I reached out to Jeff Trosen, Engineering Manager at Microsoft, sharing Mark’s post. Jeff quickly replied: GP Engineering is happily working on features for the fall release of GP, we did not go into maintenance mode. If you look at our communications on GP, nothing has changed.

I've been working with Microsoft Dynamics GP for almost 15 years now (and have been blogging for 6 and a half years) and this story has come and gone several times in those years and Dynamics GP still has a presence on the roadmap.

It would be nice to see it die a final death, but, unfortunately, I'm sure the same conversations will be had again in future.

All of the What’s New Documents For MDGP In One Place

Microsoft Dynamics GPBelinda Allen has recently done a blog post with download links for all of the What's New documents from Great Plains 6 through to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

It's fair easier to find the What's New document you want from Belinda's page than it is searching through Partner/Customer Source.

MS Connect Suggestion: Bring Letter Writing Assistant Up To Date and Allow Emailing

Microsoft Dynamics GPBelinda Allen brought my attention to a suggestion on MS Connect asking that the Letter Writing Assistant be updated to allow debtors and creditors (customers and vendors to my US readers) be emailed directly from the Letter Writing Assistant based on the email address on the Primary Address.

I think this would be a very good feature to add. I'm sometimes reluctant to show people the Letter Writing Assistant due to having to print the letters rather than emailing them. I often end up showing them how to export a SmartList and use Word to mail merge and email the letters instead, but having the feature included would be far better.

Please vote for this suggestion here so we can get Microsoft to include this update.

A Diary of reIMAGINE 2016: Part 7 – MVP Count = 4

reIMAGINE2016One of the nice things about coming to one of these conferences is meeting all of the people I have been speaking to online for the last few years.

Before now, I had only met Tim Wappat, so it is good to add some more names. Especially when you consider I have never met any of my fellow MVPs.

So far today, my MVP count is at four (and should increase later this evening):

  1. John Lowther who came in for a chat while I was setting up for my pre-conference training session on Workflow 2.0
  2. Belinda Allen who was setting up for her training session in the room next door; I popped through to see her when I was finished setting up.
  3. Mariano Gomez and David Musgrave who came in together to see me during the first break in the training.

I also met Jen Kuntz (who was helping Belinda with her session) at lunchtime, which was good as I have spoken to her online multiple times.

Pre-Conference Training for reIMAGINE Attendees

Microsoft Dynamics GPIf you are going to reIMAGINE then you can also sign up to one of two training courses which are being run on the day before the conference.

The first is on Working with Excel, Power BI and Dynamics and is being presented by MVP Belinda Allen:

Business Intelligence (BI) and Microsoft Power BI is everywhere you look. Are you getting the right answers AND the right questions? This class is designed to walk you through the basics of all the Microsoft Power BI tools. We’ll build dashboards, maps and even report on data from websites. When you leave the class you’ll understand the Microsoft Power BI tools and the Microsoft Power BI application. We’ll even talk pricing, although most of it is FREE.

The second is on Workflow 2.0 and is being presented by yours truly:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 saw the introduction of Workflow 2.0; a new Dynamics GP based approval workflow engine which replaced the old SharePoint based one. Learn how to design, create and maintain approval workflows and how to extend workflow to allow the creation of custom table joins.

If you want to attend training, you will need to select one of the two available courses (unfortunately, you can't sign up to both) when registering for reIMAGINE.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R1 Web Client Copy & Paste Bug

Microsoft Dynamics GPI've recently been upgrading all of my demo and test environments from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 to 2016 R1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 web client had a bug in the General Ledgers Transaction Entry windows Excel copy and paste function which prevented it from working.

It worked fine in the desktop client which meant for regular issues for those clients operating a hybrid installation with a mix of desktop and web clients. It could also cause problems when doing a demo and someone asked to see it while I had the web client open rather than the desktop client.

My understanding was that this bug was fixed in 2016, which I was really looking forward to; I also have a large client who was looking forward to this being fixed as well so they could minimise the use of Integration Manager for importing journals.

Unfortunately, after installing 2016 I did a quick test and found that copy and paste still did not work. I asked around and found that Belinda Allen had the exact same issue, she had found the issue already before I asked, which confirmed that it was not confined to my system.

Belinda raised a call with Microsoft and they have confirmed that it is a reproducible bug which has been escalated to the development team to look into.

It would be nice to have a hotfix, but I am guessing that it will be in Dynamics GP 2016 R2 at the earliest.

MS Connect Suggestion: Add Bar Code Field to Item Maintenance

Microsoft Dynamics GPMVP Belinda Allen has posted a suggestion to MS Connect asking Microsoft to add a bar code field to Item Maintenance, Item Transaction Inquiry and Stock Count Entry.

I think this would be a good additin, so please take a look and cast your vote.

Preorder Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was just browsing the Packt Publishing website (as you do) and found that there is a new book about Microsoft Dynamics GP being released next month.

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP by Dynamics GP MVPs Belinda Allen and Mark Polino:

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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