Microsoft Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting Open Transactions SQL Query

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was looking into a problem reported by a client recently and needed to check the assignment of Analytical Accounting Transaction Dimension Codes to the AA GL transactions and so wrote the below SQL which I am posting to keep it easily accessible should I need it again.

Created by Ian Grieve of azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant ( This code is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int). */
SELECT * FROM AAG30000 AS aaGLHdr INNER JOIN AAG30001 AS aaGLDist ON aaGLDist.aaGLHdrID = aaGLHdr.aaGLHdrID INNER JOIN AAG30002 AS GLAssign ON GLAssign.aaGLHdrID = aaGLDist.aaGLHdrID AND GLAssign.aaGLDistID = aaGLDist.aaGLDistID INNER JOIN AAG30003 AS aaGLCode ON aaGLCode.aaGLHdrID = GL Assign.aaGLHdrID AND aaGLCode.aaGLDistID = GLAssign.aaGLDistID AND aaGLCode.aaGLAssignID = GLAssign.aaGLAssignID INNER JOIN AAG00401 AS aaTrxDimCodeSetp ON aaTrxDimCodeSetp.aaTrxDimID = aaGLCode.aaTrxDimID AND aaTrxDimCodeSetp.aaTrxDimCodeID = aaGLCode.aaTrxCodeID

Recent ISC Software Webinar: Year-End Best Practice in Microsoft Dynamics GP

ISC Software SolutionsIn our most recent webinar, we took a look at Year-End Best Practice in Microsoft Dynamics GP. In this webinar, we covered how some key points to action or consider before starting, the order in which the year end should be run before running through the closing process in each of the standard modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP covering not only what to do. but also what the year-end closing process does. If you want to catch up on this, or any other, webinar, you can do so here.

In this blog post, I am going to recap the webinar and include some links to documentation from Microsoft which will expand on some areas with more detail. The topics I'll cover are:

  1. Key Points
  2. Year-End Processing Order
  3. Year-End Closing steps by module
  4. Conclusion

Key Points ^

There are five key points I always stress when discussing year-end closes with clients:

  1. Always have a good backup before starting a year-end close and take another after the year-end close has completed - a good backup is defined as one which you know will successfully restore; unfortunately I've worked with more than one client over the years who created a maintenance plan to take backups, but then, when the need came, found that the backups were not valid and could not be restored.
    Taking a backup before starting means you can easily revert back should there be a problem in the close; taking a backup after the close completes, means that if problems encountered later in the day that you can revert back to after the close has completed instead of having to repeat the close.
  2. Make sure all users log out of the company in which the year-end is being processed.
  3. Make sure there is sufficient space for database files to double in size; one significant cause of this is that the GL year-end close will copy data from Year-to-Date Transaction Open (GL20000) to Account Transaction History (GL30000) and during this process the data will exist in two places causing the database to grow.
  4. Perform a trial year-end close on a copy of live in test before closing the year-end on live; this will allow you to verify that there are no issues which might require a roll-back.
  5. Once one of the Year-End Closes has been started, be patient and allow it to run to completion. When processing, the close might cause Dynamics GP to white-screen, but this is just a sign that there is a lot of server-side processing underway and not that there is a problem.

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Debugging Integration Manager Crashes

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe've had two separate clients recently log calls where Integration Manager was crashing while performing an integration.

The first client was doing an Inventory Items integration on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 and the other was doing a Sales Transaction integration on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2.

Both of the integrations had been running fine for quite a long period of time before starting to crash; no changes had been made to either system and I've not been able to determine why Integration Manager (IM) has started crashing.

However, by the use of two ini file switches, we were able to determine what error was being encountered by IM resulted in a crash.

The two switches are already present in the ini file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\Integration Manager nn/Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.ini by default) where the False value needs to be changed to True:


When these switches are set to True, the Microsoft Dynamics GP windows are not hidden when the integration runs.

We found that for the Inventory Items integration, accounts either didn't exist, didn't allow account entry or were inactive; for the Sales Transaction integration, Analytical Accounting (AA) had been enabled for one of the accounts and the integration didn't handle AA.

I created a VB script for the Inventory Items integration to check the accounts in the Before Document script and cancel the document if the account was going to be a problem.

Hands On With MDGP 2018 RTM New Features: Copy User Access Across AA Dimensions

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM has now been released and I have been taking a Hands On look at the installation and configuration of the new version.

I am now going to take a hands on look at the new and enhanced features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Rather than do this as a continuation of the Hands On series I wrote in December, as originally intended, I am going to split it out into a separate hands On With the features post. The series index is for this new features series, can be found here.

The seventeenth feature of the day is Copy User Access Across AA Dimensions.

Analytical Accounting is one of those modules which I, and a lot of other consultants, will try to guide clients away from. It is overly complex and time consuming to setup, use and, most certainly, to report from.

This new feature should, somewhat, simplify the configuration of access to alphanumeric dimensions by allowing the granted access to be copied between users.

To do this, open the User Access to Trx Dimension Codes window (Administration area page >> Setup >> Company >> Analytical Accounting >> User Access) and click the Copy button:

User Access to Trx Dimension Codes

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Microsoft Dynamics GP January 2018 Hotfix Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics GPTerry Heley announced the availability of the January 2018 Hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP the other day on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog. This hotfix is available for the following version of Microsoft Dynamics GP;

  • 2013 - this will be the last hotfix for GP 2013, so you should really start planning your upgrade to a supported version.
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2018

While you don't need to install every hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP, I would always recommend reviewing the fix list to determine if you need to upgrade.

I am not listing all of the fixes here, just the ones which seem important or relevant to my clients:

  • These fixes are for 2018 only:
    • You may experience slow performance when you click Inquiry>>Purchasing>>Transaction By Document.
    • You are unable to make changes to copied workflow steps when created using the Copy Workflow Step feature.
  • These fixes are for both 2016 and 2018:
    • PM Payables Transaction Workflow A get/change operation on table 'PM_Transcation_WORK' failed.
    • Upgrade error CO00104 set BusObjKey = replace(BusObjKey,'0\PM\Payables Transaction History','0\PM\Payables Transaction') where BusObjKey.
    • When two users simultaneously submit a document into a workflow with multiple approvers at the same time, one of the workflows will either go to the workflow manager or only be assigned to a portion of the approvers (this is an issue I logged with Microsoft which was causing issues for a couple of clients, so nice to see the fix available).
    • You may notice duplicate payments with simultaneous use of the payables select checks window, warning was added to the user.
    • You are unable to add new columns to existing Analytical Accounting SmartLists in Dynamics GP 2016 R2 or later & columns with special characters result in "excel found unreadable content" error when list is exported to excel.
    • Posting a GL reversing entry to a historical year with P&L account, where it reverses in the new year has incorrect SEQNUMBR in the GL20000 and incorrect ACTINDX in AAG30001 on reversing 'GJ' entry and 0% in AAG3000.

For the full fix list, check Terry's blog post

Analytical Accounting Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Upgrade Error

Microsoft Dynamics GPOver the last couple of weeks we have been on a bit of an upgrade splurge with clients; a number of them are doing test upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 from a variety of versions. One client is upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 RTM to 2018 RTM; according to the Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP hot topic, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 can be upgraded from version 16.00.0439 or later; however, when Analytical Accounting is installed, this is not correct.

To upgrade the client, we upgraded them to the last hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (KB4056559 which is version 16.00.0641) and then to 2018; however, GP Utilities for 2018 errored saying that it could not upgrade Analytical Accounting from that version. Fortunately, we did not have to go back to a backup and redo the upgrade, as, while AA in installed, this particular client does not use the module.

I used the scripts to remove the tables and other database objects and was then able to run the 2018 GP Utilities to do the database upgrade without further issue.

I have previously upgraded a test system from 2016 to 2018 without issue; this was from KB3194397 (version 16.00.0558). We do have a small number of other clients with AA installed, so we now know what version of GP 2016 to upgrade them from to avoid this issue.

Scripts to Remove Analytical Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics GPBack in February 2017, I posted about a Microsoft Knowledge Base article on removing Analytical Accounting (AA) from Microsoft Dynamics GP. At the time, the KB article was unavailable, but the download links still worked (if you knew what they are).

I was contacted by someone recently asking if I had a copy of the scripts as the download links no longer work (the KB article itself is available).

This was unusual timing as I had just been onsite with a client where we encountered issues upgrading their system from 2016 RTM to 2018 RTM. In that case, the solution was to remove AA from the system as they had the module used, but never implemented it.

To remove AA, I dipped into my script library for the AA removal scripts from KB915903. After being alerted at the scripts were no longer available, I thought it might be useful to others to post them here.

The scripts are available from the following links:

  1. KB915903_AA_Remove_AACompete_DYNAMICS_10 - this script needs to be run against the system database (typically called DYNAMICS).
  2. KB915903_10 - this script should be run against all of the company databases.
  3. KB915903_DYNAMICS_Remove_DB_Upgrade_10 - this script is run against the system database.

MDGP 2018 RTM Feature of the Day: Copy User Access Across AA Dimensions

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series Feature of the Day posts for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM; as the most recent versions have been, these posts are in the form of PowerPoint slides; I am reposting them here so they can be read more easily as well as adding my own commentary.

The series index for this series of posts is here.

The fifteenth Feature of the Day is Copy User Access Across AA Dimensions. A new button has been introduced to the User Access to Trx Dimensions window which allows setup to be copied between users:

User Access to Trx Dimensions

All alphanumeric dimensions in AA need to have access configured on a per user basis; this can mean a lot of work to both setup and maintain. This new functionality should at least make it a little easier by allowing you to copy settings between users.

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Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017: Optimised Financials

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the series I am doing on the Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017.

The Financials modules have some enhancements coming which should be of benefit:

  • Copy user access across AA transaction dimension codes - this should make maintaining AA dimension code access easier.
  • Email single statement from customer card and enquiry - handy when you only want to send a single statement to the customer on the phone, rather than to a range of them.
  • PO Generator opens PO List with the new PO's filter.
  • PO Number display on Requisition List for originator - getting easy access to the PO number for PR orinators will be a good new addition; it will save me writing SmartLists for everyone based off this view.
  • Print Purchase Requisition - I have mixed opinions. Workflow can handle the sending of requisition details to an approver anyway, and I can't really think of another reason to output one?
  • Display Hold status on Sales Transaction Entry - more information is never a bad thing.
  • One check per invoice settings - allows for more granular control than the setting in the Select Payments window.
  • Save Select Payments settings - are you tired of having to configure your payment run manually every time? Well, Microsoft's got you covered with this feature.

Microsoft’s Migration To A New Knowledge Base System Is Now Complete

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft have been migrating their Knowledge Base to a new system, making some articles unavailable, but have announced the migration is now complete and the articles should now be available again.

Or at least most of them; in the post, Cheryl does say that"outdated content or rarely used content (i.e. no page views in recent years)"; I have mixed feelings about this as I have occasionally stumbled across articles for GP 8 or 9 which have still fixed an issue I've had with the most recent versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The migration means that a link like is now

You may need to update any bookmarks or links you have on the old pattern, but at least for the ones I have checked, the old pattern is being forwarded to the old.

This change is why the above link was unavailable when I wrote the Removing Analytical Accounting from Microsoft Dynamics GP post.

KB articles are available by either searching in PartnerSource or CustomerSource (and may the God of your choice answer your prayers for assistance) or by using the search engine of your choice.