GP Books

There are a number of books available for Microsoft Dynamics GP which have been written by various people across a number of years (although a few names crop up repeatedly). I thought it might be useful to list the books which are available for each version of Microsoft Dynamics GP; some of the books are only available for older versions of Dynamics GP, but the information within is still mostly relevant.

To avoid any appearance of favouritism, I have listed them in Dynamics GP version and author surname order (when multiple authors, the first listed author's name is used).

Where there is no version in the name I have made by best guess as to which version it was written against.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2019

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

I will try to keep this page up to date, but if I miss any books, please drop me a line and let me know.