More Changes for VAT in Microsoft Dynamics GP April 2019 Hotfix

Microsoft Dynamics GPSnuck out just before the Easter bank holidays was a new hotfix with some fixes in for the following in UK VAT:

  • To submit the file to HMRC you had to be logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP as user SA.
  • You may incorrectly receive an error in VAT Daybook Obligation period dates do not match with the VAT Daybook Calendar.
  • VAT submission changes required by HMRC.

The post on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog is here.

The hotfix is inclusive of the February hotfix changes and can be downloaded via these links:

Making Tax Digital Now Available in Dynamics GP 2016 and 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft’s Jodi Christiansen has, on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, announced the release of the January hotfix which includes the Making Tax Digital (MTD) updates required for VAT submissions to HMRC from April.

The Microsoft Docs site has been updated with setup instructions; I need to get it downloaded and installed to confirm the functionality, as all of the setup is around the VAT 100 and not VAT Daybook. Clients with more complex VAT often need VAT Daybook which allows them to define which tax codes appear in which boxes on the VAT Return. We’ve previously been assured by Microsoft that the MTD update would include both VAT 100 and VAT Daybook so I need to check that this is in fact the case.

The hotfix can be downloaded from CustomerSource (login required):

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 lock
  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 lock

The MTD changes are only available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and 2018; applying the hotfix will update you to the latest version of the R2 release of these versions. If you’re on a prior version you will need to either upgrade to 2016 or 2018 or source an alternative way of submitting to MTD, such as ISC Software’s Making Tax Digital add-in.

Microsoft Dynamics GP: Information about the VAT 100 Return

Microsoft Dynamics GPSr. Technical Support Engineer Cheryl Waswick did a post yesterday on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog about the upcoming Making Tax Digital changes for VAT submission in the UK.

Microsoft have been fielding a lot of questions from partners about the VAT 100 Report in relation to Making Tax Digital and have put together some information on VAT 100 in a Q&A format.

As Cheyrl notes, that post should not be your sole source of information, but the information there may be useful.

Cheryl also says that a post is due soon with details on how Microsoft Dynamics GP will be meting the requirements of Making Tax Digital.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 U.S. Year End Update Released (Includes Critical VAT Daybook Fixes)

Microsoft Dynamics GPDon’t be fooled by the name; the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 U.S. Year End Update includes other fixes, some of which are critical to clients running the Vat Daybook module.

This fix has all the usual stuff for the Payroll (US) module which you can read about here.

The other good stuff in this version is:

  • System
  • VAT Daybook
    • Purchasing tax amounts from GL entries are subtracting from boxes 2 and 7, instead of adding to boxes 4 and 7 on the VAT Summary.
    • Sales returns and credit memos are not deducting total taxable amount from box 6 on VAT return, and voids from box 1 and box 6.
    • Purchasing returns & credit memo’s, voids are not deducting total taxable amount from box 7 on VAT return, and invoices not updating box 4.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP hot fix is available from: Customer Source lock or PartnerSource lock.

The VAT Daybook fixes have also been rolled back into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (but no earlier): Customer Source lock or PartnerSource lock.

SQL Script To Fix A Corrupt VAT 100 Return

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe process of creating a Tax Return in Microsoft Dynamics GP can sometimes take a while when there are a large number of transactions to process. While this usually isn’t a problem, on occasion a network connectivity issue (or a Citrix server cutting the user off after a certain length of time) can cut GP off from the database resulting in corrupt information in the Tax Return tables.

The following script will remove the corrupt data from the Tax tables and reset the flag on the transactions which shows which tax Return they’re on.

Change the highlighted section to the Tax Return ID to be reset:

Created by Ian Grieve of azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant (
This code is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int).
DECLARE @TAX_RETURN_ID AS VARCHAR(100) = 'taxreturnid'




	Included_On_Return = 0
	,Tax_Return_ID = ''

Before running the script make sure you have a good backup of the database and test afterwards to make sure everything is OK.

Correcting Spelling Of United Kingdom

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhen you deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP, the country codes are populated automatically. Unfortunately, the United Kingdom’s name is misspelled. This script corrects the spelling mistake.

	CCodeDesc = 'United Kingdom'
	CCode = 'GB'

Update EU Member Country Code Information

Microsoft Dynamics GPThey say there are only two certainties in life; death and taxes. Well, one other certainty is that time passes and with the passage of time comes change.

One of the changes is that the European Union has become larger, but the VAT10001 (VAT Country Code MSTR) in Microsoft Dynamics GP which holds the country code information has not been updated.

As the information in this table has a direct impact on clients, I created a script to flag the missing current EU Member states (Croatia, Finland and Hungary):

	CCode IN ('HR' --Croatia
	,'FI' --Finland
	,'HU') --Hungary

As always have a good backup of your databases before running the script and check afterwards that everything is good.

SmartList To Show Transactions Included On VAT 100 Return

Microsoft Dynamics GPOne of the problems with the standard Tax Reports (Administration area page » Reports » Company » Taxes) in Microsoft Dynamics GP is that they will include only items requested for the date range, but the VAT 100 Return itself will select everything in the specified date range and also anything dated before this period which has not been included in previous VAT Returns.

This is a problem as it means you can not run a report before generating the VAT Return to see what would be picked up. However, a little thought and consideration of how the SmartList wildcards work and a workable solution presented itself.

In SmartList select the Tax Detail Transactions SmartList Favourite under Company and click on the Search button:

Search Tax Detail Transactions

Under Search Definition 1 enter Tax Return ID in the Column Name. Set the Filter to begins with and enter [^2] in the Value.

This search definition will return all transactions which do not have a Tax Return ID beginning with a 2; this assumes you name your VAT Returns along the lines of 2014-08 to have them sorted by date. If, as some clients I have seen, you create your VAT Returns with the month’s long, or short, name first then replace the 2 with JFMASOND and all items not starting with one of those letters will be returned.

Please Enter A Valid Tax Registration Number

Microsoft Dynamics GPAfter upgrading a client from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 to 2013 they started getting a problem when creating, or editing, creditors. The error only came up when they had loaded the options window:

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Please enter a valid tax registration number.Microsoft Dynamics GP – Please enter a valid tax registration number.

I did some testing and found that this error was produced when the Country Code field was set. Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 didn’t exhibit this behaviour, but there is a difference in the installation of version 10 and 2010. And that difference is the VAT Daybook.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, and later, the VAT Daybook module needs to be installed to use the VAT 100 report which I had installed during the upgrade process.

In this case, the client operates only in the UK and doesn’t need to have Tax Registrations recorded in GP, so they were able to just stop setting the Country Code field on the addresses.

SOP Blank Invoice Form Word Template Not Working

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was configuring up a test system a short time ago and found that the Sales Documents (specifically the SOP Blank Invoice Form) were producing into IE rather than Word when I printed them.

The problem was caused by the VAT Daybook being installed. VAT Daybook provides alternative versions of the standard SOP reports which do not work with the Word Template Email functionality. To have the invoices send via Word, I had two choices; make a Word Template version of the SOP Blank Invoice Form or, and as this was only a test system my preferred choice, to change a setting to use the standard SOP template rather than the VAT Daybook one.

To do this, open Alternative/Modified Forms and Reports (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Setup » System), set Product to VAT Daybook and restrict the Type to Reports;

Alternative/Modified Forms and Reports

In the scrolling window, expand SOP Blank Invoice Form and SOP Blank History Invoice Form and mark the Microsoft Dynamics GP option under both.

After saving these changes, the SOP Blank Invoice Form successfully produced to Word.