Missing Transaction In Cashbook Bank Management?

Microsoft Dynamics GPI dealt with an issue yesterday where a manual payment had been entered into Payables Transaction Entry (Transactions » Purchasing » Transaction Entry) but was not showing up in Bank Management’s Reconciliation screen (Transactions » Financial » Bank Management » Reconciliation).

The reason for this is actually quite simple, but I can’t help but feel it is a little bug like. Only payments made directly via Transaction Entry or those produced during the payment run (Transactions » Purchasing » Select Cheques) are posted to Bank Management. If you need to do a manual payment into Payables, or a manual receipt into Receivables, then this needs to be done via CBM Batch Entry (Transactions » Financial » Bank Management » Batches) Continue reading “Missing Transaction In Cashbook Bank Management?”

Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this post I discussed changing the password in eConnect 10. However, changes were made to eConnect 11 which means the password is not changed in the same way when using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

eConnect 10 is a COM+ application while eConnect 11 is a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service-oriented application. This means the password change is a different process although it must still be done in two places. Continue reading “Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010”

Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 10

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhen we install Microsoft Dynamics eConnect 10 we also do so using a specially created Windows Domain user, DynamicsGPUser, which has the password policy disabled so the password never changes.

It turns out that despite this user only being used by the eConnect service, some client’s still prefer to change the password occasionally. Changing the password is a relatively simple thing to do, so long as you’re aware that the password is stored in two places. Continue reading “Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 10”

Locked Payables Transaction: You cannot display this record while another user is editing it

Microsoft Dynamics GPWith sites using Microsoft Dynamics GP over Citrix Presentation or XenApp, where they have set Citrix to time users out after a certain period of inactivity, we occasionally see the following error message when another user tries to open the voucher in Payables Transaction Entry (Transactions » Purchasing » Transaction Entry);

This document number already exists. Please enter a new document number.

Continue reading “Locked Payables Transaction: You cannot display this record while another user is editing it”

Feature Explained: Reporting Ledgers

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft introduced the Reporting Ledger functionality which allows journals to be posted to one of three reporting ledgers; base, local, or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

This functionality is controlled via the General Ledger Setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Setup » Financial » General Ledger);

Reporting Ledgers: Enabling via General Ledger Setup

Continue reading “Feature Explained: Reporting Ledgers”

There May Be A Disruption In My Posting Frequency

azurecurveAs the post title says; there may be a disruption in how often I am able to post to this site over the next few days and, perhaps, weeks.

The reason is that I start a new job today.

Over the last eight years I have worked as a support analyst, a senior support analyst and as a finance consultant for a Microsoft Silver Partner in the NW of England dealing with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

As of this morning, I am starting a new job as a consultant for a Microsoft Gold Partner in the NE of England dealing with Microsoft Dynamics GP but also with the potential for learning some Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

I intend that the subject matter remain mainly with Dynamics GP but I will include anything of interest from Dynamics CRM that I come across.

I hope you’ll bear with me through any disruption and don’t forget about me 🙂

Integrations Via eConnect Disappearing

Microsoft Dynamics GPAs well as using eConnect to integrate journals from an external system into the GL, we also use it to integrate invoices into Payables Management. Overall we have far fewer problems integrating transactions via eConnect than we had in the past using Integration Manager, but we do still encounter some problems; usually with transactions being posted in the external system and then disappearing.

This is sometimes a more exotic reason but is usually an issue with the eConnect service needing to be restarted. When we first started using eConnect we often had problems when the server was rebooted as the eConnect service was starting before the MSMQ service and didn’t then function correctly.

To fix this issue we added a dependency to MSMQ on the eConnect service which ensures the eConnect one does not start until MSMQ is ready. This particular fix has just resulted in a site posting invoices in an external system which didn’t arrive in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Continue reading “Integrations Via eConnect Disappearing”

Mea Culpa: Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this post I discussed fixing a Sales Invoice which was corrupt and how Microsoft Dynamics GP Check Links couldn’t be used to fix the problem as it only looks at the standard tables but the invoice in question was a recurring invoice created using Nolan Business Solutions’ Advanced Sales Order processing with recurring Invoices. Continue reading “Mea Culpa: Fixing A Corrupt Sales Invoice”

Aged Debtors Report Problem

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was on site today to do a sales demo of a couple of new modules to an existing client. At the end of the demo, the new Head of Finance had a word with me about the Aged Debtors report which was not working correctly.

He showed me a copy of the report and all invoices, regardless of the transaction date, were showing in the Current Period. My first thought was that the Aging process (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu » Tools » Routine » Sales » Aging) had not been run; a hurried think for other options drew a blank. Continue reading “Aged Debtors Report Problem”