Testing Remittances By Email – Keeping Emails Internal

As you’ve probably been able to tell from my previous posts, I’ve been assisting a client in configuring Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 so they can test remittances by email. One of the things I have done for them is produce two SQL scripts to ensure emails do not leave their… Read more“Testing Remittances By Email – Keeping Emails Internal”

Not Privileged To Run this Report Error in Payables Select Checks

I upgraded a customer to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 a couple of weeks ago and they have started to explore some of the new features. After fixing their payment run problem they enabled the new functionality for emailing remittances.

Feature Explained: Allow Account Entry

Again this is not a new feature but, in my experience, is one that is not commonly used. One of the options available on the Account Maintenance window (Cards » Financial » Account) is Allow Account Entry. Unchecked, account codes can only be defaulted in by the system but when… Read more“Feature Explained: Allow Account Entry”

Support Debugging Tool Build 15 Update Released

David Musgrave has released an update to build 15 of his Support Debugging Tool. Full details of the changes are available on the Developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP blog. There are two updates available; Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (PartnerSource login required) Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 (PartnerSource login required)

Feature Explained: Remember User & Password

Microsoft Dynamics GP does not support Windows Authentication but in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 a new option has been added to allow the user’s username and password to be remembered for when they login. This isn’t as good as Windows Auth as the password does not have rules enforced by… Read more“Feature Explained: Remember User & Password”

Feature Explained: Payables Select Checks Enhancements

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, several enhancements have been made to the Select Cheques window in Payables Management to add flexibility and allow more control over the building of the payment batch; a feature which has proven popular with the clients who have seen it.

I Have A New Microsoft Dynamics GP Certification

Good news to end the week on. I’ve just returned home from the Prometric test centre with a brand new Microsoft Dynamics GP certification to add to my existing two. The new one is MB3-862 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Inventory & Order Processing.

How To Remove The CEIP Reminder

When you install Microsoft Dynamics GP it automatically creates a recurring reminder for the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program. In most cases this reminder is not wanted but removing it through the system for every user can be a bit time consuming; For each user, log into Microsoft Dynamics GP… Read more“How To Remove The CEIP Reminder”