Error Running Integration Manager For The First Time

Microsoft Dynamics GPWell, they do say the old ones are the best. I recently installed Microsoft Dynamics GP on a client site and encountered the below error message when starting Integration Manager for the first time;

Integration Manager - Could not create all default data due to the following error: - Access to path 'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics GP\' is denied.

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Integration Manager: “Argument ‘Start’ must be greater than zero”

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client doing some work with Integration Manager 10 recently reported the following error when trying to load the VB Script Editor;

Integration Manager - Argument

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Update Creditor Addresses From CSV To Work Around An Integration Manager Bug

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was doing some work for a client recently where we were loading lists of new creditors into Microsoft Dynamics GP from CSV files via Integration Manager. There is, however, a bug in IM 10 where it adds extra zeros to the phone and fax number fields of both creditors and debtors. These extra characters are, rather bizarrely, not always at the end but can be interspersed in the phone number.

The easiest work around was to put together a SQL script for loading the phone and fax numbers from CSV file which I did while on site which updated only a single address on the PM Creditor Master (PM00200) and PM Address Master (PM00300) tables.

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Integration Manager Error – MSScriptControl

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve spent a fair bit of time recently importing data into Microsoft Dynamics GP using Integration Manager with which I have encounterd a few different error messages (ADO Field Is Nothing, All GP Windows Must Be Closed and Source Document Doesn’t Exist).

The latest error I’ve encountered related to the MSScriptControl;

Integration Manager - MSScriptControl Error

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Integration Manager Error – ADO Field Is Nothing

Microsoft Dynamics GPDuring a recent implementation I was using Integration Manager to load data into GP and on one occasion I got the following message in the progress window;

Integration Manager Error - ADO Field Is Nothing

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Fixing A Corrupt Account Index Master

Microsoft Dynamics GPA while ago I investigated an issue where some reports were not working correctly on a client system; they’d been written with Crystal and were not returning transactions for newly created accounts.

As reports I write tend to do, these reports were joining to the General Ledger via the GL Account Index Master (GL00105) table and then joining to GL Account Master (GL00100) for the account descriptions. I wrote the following script to check the two tables against each other to see where the problem lay (my suspicions were on GL00105 being corrupt as the accounts were being used within Microsoft Dynamics GP Continue reading “Fixing A Corrupt Account Index Master”

Integration Manager Error: ADO Field Is Nothing

Microsoft Dynamics GPIt seems it is a week for Integration Manager errors. Another client has logged an error when using Integration Manager. In this case, they were attempting to load a payroll journal using the GL Trx One Source File integration Continue reading “Integration Manager Error: ADO Field Is Nothing”

Integration Manager Error: Source Document ‘GJ’ Does Not Exist

Microsoft Dynamics GPI like dealing with Microsoft Dynamics GP as it is easy to use and is a very flexible system. I don’t enjoy using some of the related systems as much and most especially Integration Manager.

We have a few customers who use it for importing journals or invoices into the system from elsewhere and occasionally they encounter errors which are more than an incorrectly formatted file so they contact the helpdesk to log a call.

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