MS Connect Suggestion Sunday: Multiple Items To Vote Upon

Microsoft Dynamics GPI occasionally post suggestions from MS Connect and ask people to read the suggestion and cast their votes. Well, today I don’t have a single suggestion, or even two, but three suggestions for you to vote upon.

One Click Access to SmartList in Web Client

In the desktop client you can access SmartList from the area page, from the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu or via a toolbar icon. However, in the web client, only the first of these options are available and most users of Dynamics GP do not generally know of ways othet than the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu to start SmartList. This suggestion is to make SmartList available via one click in the web client.

Chris Dobkins submitted the suggestion and asked if SmartList can be made available by an icon next to the User Date in the web client; I don’t actually mind where the icon is, but agree that a single click method is required to make SmartList more accessible.

Vote here for this suggestion.

Hide Business Analyzer in Navigation Lists for All Users and All Lists

Business Analyzer can be a good way of seeing infromation from Dynamcis GP, but I have never liked BA being added to the navigation lists in Dynamics GP. This is why I added a recipe to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cookbook which allowed it to be switched off globally with a SQL trigger. A Chris says, it would be better to have this functionality available via the GP client itself and allow users to switch it on when wanted.

Vote for this suggestion here.

End a corrupted Web Client Session

This is the third suggestion, suggested by Chris.

From time to time, a web client session will become corrupt. When this happens, you can reconnect to the session, but GP does not work (you may just gets lots of errors pop up in the status spinner, for example). When this happens, the user needs the ability to end the session from the screen that lists your active sessions and the tenants to which you have access to create new sessions. Users have the ability to remove their login from the activity table, and have had for many versions. Ending a hung web client session is the web client version of removing your user from the activity table so that you can log back into GP.

Vote for this suggestion here

MS Connect Suggestion: Add Workflow To Receivings Transaction Entry and Enter/Match Invoice

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis has come up from a couple of different clients in the last few weeks. It would be good if approval workflows could be added to Receivings Transaction Entry and also the Enter/Match Invoices windows.

While there is workflow on the PO, a PO might not be fully received/invoiced so it would be good to have approval of the receivings document or the invoice.

The MS Connect suggestion can be found here.

Please take a look and cast your vote.

MS Connect Suggestion Sunday: Fix Print Icon In Print Payables Checks

Microsoft Dynamics GPMark Polino posted a suggestion to the MS Connect site asking for the print icons on Print Cheques (or Print Checks for our American readers). The details of the suggestion are:

When you select a batch of checks to print in the Print Payables Checks window GP 2013 R2 shows 2 icons labeled “Print” in the center of the Action Pane. The left icon has a printer with a document behind it that resembles a report. The right icon displays a plain printer. It’s very confusing to users to decided which icon to pick to print checks.

The left most icon, the one with an apparent report behind it actually prints checks. The right icon, the one with a plain printer, prints reports. This is not intuitive at all. Neither the icon nor the label indicate which print icon does which. Since the primary function of this window is to print checks it needs to be very obvious to users what to do.

Please clarify both the icon and label to make this easier to use.

This suggestion can be found here; please take a look and add your vote.

MS Connect Suggestion Sunday: PTE Approval Workflow

Microsoft Dynamics GPWorkflow 2.0 was a fantastic addition to Microsoft Dynamics GP; I’ve expressed before my delight at the retirement of Business Portal. Workflow 2.0 was introduced in Dynamics GP 2013 R2, was then further enhanced in GP 2015 and the roadmap shows further enhancements will be coming in future.

However, there is always room for user suggestions for improvements to functionality which is where the MS Connect site. Penny Compton has logged a suggestion that the workflow for PTE Timesheets be expanded to allow individual lines to be approved by the relevant project manager.

The suggestion can be found here where you can also cast your vote.

If you have an MS Connect suggestions you want publicised, contact me with details.

MS Connect Suggestion Sunday: Navigation List Doesn’t Allow Sales Documents Printing In Currency

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis recently came up at a newly implemented client who makes extensive use of the Sales Order Processing module and sells across the world. Some of the sales orders and invoices printed off were coming off in the originating company and others in the functional.

We discussed with the users how the documents were being printed and established that some users were printing from the Sales Transaction Entry window, others from Print Sales Documents and others were using the Sales Order Transactions navigation list.

The documents printed through the navigation list were the ones which were always in the functional currency. The reason is that Sales Transaction Entry and Print Sales Documents have an option to select the Currency to Print whereas the navigation list print button doesn’t.

To remedy this, I have created an MS Connect suggestion to have the Currency to Print added to the print dialog on the navigation list which I would appreciate people voting for:

Navigation List Print Sales Document

If you have an MS Connect suggestions you want publicised, contact me with details.

MS Connect Suggestion: Add Voided Column To SOP Transaction Excel Report

Microsoft Dynamics GPBelinda Allen has a suggestion on MS Connect which she would like our votes for.

The suggestion is as follows:

If the Excel Refreshable Report for SOP Line Items is used, it includes voids. The Data Connection properties have to be edited to exclude voids, rendering this refreshable report useless; unless you are not keeping voided transactions in History. I would like a column for voids added. Pretty much line item detail Excel Refreshable Reports will need this.

This would be a very useful feature to have and I would encourage you to go to MS Connect and vote.