How To Install Microsoft SQL Server 2022: Download SQL Server Reporting Services

Microsoft SQL ServerThis article is part of the series on How To Install Microsoft SQL Server 2022; I do not claim to be an expert on SQL Server and this series is installing SQL Server in a development/testing/demo environment. If you’re installing SQL into a production environment there will be additional work required to harden the SQL Server and avoid security issues.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is, like SQL Server Management Services (SSMS), another feature of SQL Server which was split out into a separate download, but SSRS, unlike SSMS, is tied to a specific version of SQL Server, so the correct version needs to be downloaded.

The latest version of SSRS for SQL Server 2022 is available to download here (you can toggle the Version drop-down list for older versions of SQL Server):

Install SQL Server Reporting Services

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