ClassicPress Plugins Available From azurecurve | Development in 2023: To Twitter

ClassicPressIn this series of articles, I am going to introduce each of the plugins I have developed for ClassicPress, a hard-fork of WordPress, which was originally created to provide an alternative, yet compatible, CMS without the Gutenberg block editor.

The 49th plugin is To Twitter.

To Twitter

To Twitter includes the following functionality;

  • Automatic tweeting of posts and pages to Twitter as they are published.
  • Automatic retweeting of posts and pages a user specified period of time after publication.
  • Scheduled tweeting of posts and pages on a randomly selected basis at a user specified date and time (each day separately configurable).
  • Automatic adding of hashtags to posts and pages (save draft before manually adding any required hashtags).
  • Automatic replacement of word or phrases with hashtags (for example, switch the word ClassicPress for @GetClassicPress).
  • Sending of manual tweets (including tweet threads).
  • Sending of scheduled tweets (including tweet threads) at a user specified date and time.
  • Support for four media images attached to a tweet from posts, pages, manual and scheduled tweets.
  • Integrates with Short URLs) from azurecurve for post and page addresses in tweets.
  • Retain and view tweet history.
  • Links to tweets on Twitter in tweet history.

As scheduled tweets rely on cron for processing, large images can cause timeouts. This can be mitigated by switching off the wp-cron and setting up a cron job on your web host control panel.

This plugin is multisite compatible with each site having its own settings.


The current release of the plugin can be downloaded from GitHub

More information

More information on this plugin can be found on the azurecurve | Development page for the plugin.

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