Create a Windows Demo Environment: Rename Domain Controller Server

WindowsThis article is part of the Create a Windows Demo Environment series where I am installing and configuring a small Windows domain for use with demo installs of software.

When Windows is installed, the machine is given a random name, which doesnisn;t all that easy to work with. To rename the PC, you need to open the About settings window by either holding down the Windows key and pressing the Break key or by launching Windows Explorer, right clicking on This Computer and clicking Properties.

Click the Rename this PC (advanced) link under the Related settings:

Click the Change button:

System Properties

Change the Computer name field and click OK:

Computer Name/Domain Changes

When prompted, click OK to acknowledge you need to restart the machine:

Prompt to restart the computer after changing the name

On the System Properties window clickClose:

System Properties window showing the restart required message

Click Restart Now on the popup dialog:

You must restart your computer to apply these changes message

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