Implementing SmartView for Microsoft Dynamics GP: Configure SmartView

eOne SolutionsThis post is part of the Implementing SmartView for Microsoft Dynamics GP series were I am taking a look at the SmartView product from eOne Solutions which provides another way of using SmartLists.

With the first of the clients installed, we can now do the required configuration. There are only a small number of steps we need to take to prepare SmartView for use.

All of the configuration options are available within Dynamics GP off the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu:

SmartView setup menu

The first option to select is Registration and input your Registration Code which will enable the functionality of SmartView and click Save:

SmartView Registration

Next, select SmartView Setup and set a new password for the smartview user; one is set at installation, but I would recommend changing it so that it doesn’t have a default value. Click Save once changed:

SmartView Setup

The final setup which we need to complete on the SmartView menu is to deploy the SmartView views. Open the Create Views window from the menu, click Mark All to deploy views to all companies and click Create:

Create Views

There is one final task which needs to be done and this is to create a security task to give access to the SmartView window (or amend an existing task). The SmartView window is available under (SmartView » Windows » Financial):

Security Task Setup

Once the task is created/updated it will need to be added to a security role and assigned to users, after which they will be able to access SmartView.

With SmartView configured, it is now ready for use and the other Dynamics GP clients can have SmartView installed on them.

Looking for support or consultancy with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

I no longer work with Microsoft Dynamics GP, but the last company I worked for was ISC Software in the UK; if you’re looking for support or consultancy services with Microsoft Dynamics GP you can contact them here.

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