Bug With End Of Month Payment Terms in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was onsite with a client recently and was asked about a problem they were seeing with payment terms. Specifically, the issue was with end of month payment terms where the due date was sometimes being calculated incorrectly. They’d done some testing and identified that it was when the invoice date was the last day of the month that the due date ws incorrect.

I did some testing in Fabrikam and have been able to reproduce this error on all versions of Dynamics GP which I tried.

To reproduce, set a payment term configured with Due set to EOM and Add Days to 30:

Payment Terms Setup of an EOM payment term

Raise an invoice dated 31/03/2027:

Payables Transaction Entry

When you check the Due Date you will see that it is set to 30/05/2027, but should be 30/04/2027:

Incorrect Due Date

If the transaction was dated the 29/03/2027 then the due date would have been correctly calculated as 29/04/2027 and if it was 01/04/2027 then the due date would have been correctly calculated as 01/05/2027; the problem is when the transaction is dated on the very kast day of the month. This issue affects all EOM payment terms whether for 30 days, 60 days, 7 days or any other.

The problem seems to exist in all versions of Dynamics GP (I tested as far back as 2013 and up to the current version) and is consistently incorrect through purchasing and sales.

Fortunately, for this client, we were able to get them a quick fix available. When I discussed it with one of the developers at ISC, it rang a bell for him. It turns out that this issue hd been encountered previously and a function included in the Financial Elementz module which, when enabled, ensures the due date is correctly calculated.

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