azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins: Strong Password Generator

ClassicPress PluginsThis is part of the azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins series which introduces the plugins I have available for ClassicPress.

The plugin I am going to cover in this post, is one written specifically for ClassicPress ; Strong Password Generator.


Create password forms allowing users to create strong passwords consisting of upper/lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Options are maintained via a Settings page on the **azurecurve** menu.

Password forms are placed using the `strong-password-generator` shortcode and can have a number of parameters supplied to override the defaults from the options page; each shortcode must have an `id` parameter supplied. Available parameters are:

  • password-length – length of password to be generated.
  • password-minimum-length – minimum length of passwords which can be generated.
  • password-maximum-length – maximum length of passwords which can be generated.
  • password-number – number of passwords to generate.
  • password-maximum-number – maximum umber of passwords which user can generate.
  • text-before – text to display before password form.
  • text-after – text to display after password form.
  • label-password-length – label for password length field.
  • label-password-number – label for number of passwords to generate field.
  • label-lowercase – label for valid lowercase field.
  • label-uppercase – label for valid uppercase field.
  • label-numeric – label for valid numbers field.
  • label-symbols – label for valid symbols field.
  • allow-lowercase – allow user to include uppercase characters.
  • allow-uppercase – allow user to include uppercase characters.
  • allow-numeric – allow user to include number.
  • allow-symbols – allow user to include symbols.
  • valid-lowercase – list of valid lowercase characters.
  • valid-uppercase – list of valid uppercase characters.
  • valid-numeric – list of valid numbers.
  • valid-symbols – list of valid symbols.

Example shortcode usage:

[strong-password-generator id="password-1"  text-before="The password generator below can be used to produce passwords compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP." allow-symbols=1]

This plugin is multisite compatible, with options set on a per site basis.


The plugin can be downloaded from my GitHub.

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