Error Entering Invoice in Microsoft Dynamics GP When Multiple Bins Enabled

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve been working on a project implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP for a new client recently. They are a manufacturing company who have bins enabled for storing and tracking items as they move through the factory; goods booked in or out through POP and SOP were also recorded to and from bins. One day during UAT (user acceptance testing) I received an email from the client that users were receiving an error that they could not create or post invoices when multiple bins were enabled:

Bin error trying to access Invoice Entry

You can't create or post invoices when the multiple bins functionality is enabled.

At this time security was still being configured so users had access to more than they would usually have had. The issue was that a user had tried, when wanting to process a sales invoice, had tried to access Invoice Entry which is part of the deprecated Invoicing module instead of Sales Transaction Entry.

We pointed the users at the correct window and got the creation of security roles prioritised a little higher so that users didn’t get confused by windows on the menu they would not be using.