Website Analytics With Matomo: Update

Useful WebsitesThis post is part of the where I am taking a look at Matomo which bills itself as a Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and your customers’ privacy.

Your Matomo site will send an email to the super user email address when there are updates available. To instal the update click the link on the email:

Matomo upgrade email

When you click the link on the email, you will be taken to your Matomo dashboard page; click the New Update button in the top right corner:

Matomo dashboard showing the update button

The easiest option, and the one I use, is to click the large green Update Automatically button:

Update method choice pae

A “Matomo has been successfully updated!” page will be displayed, but this just means the files have been updated; the database update still needs to be performed. Click the Continue to Matomo button at the bottom:

Update finished page

Click the Update Matomo button at the bottom to stat the update:

once the database update has finished, the update of Matomo is entirely finished. You can close the page or click the Continue to Matomo button:

Matomo has been successfully updated

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