Error Deploying Fastpath Audit Trails to a New Company

FastpathI implemented Audit Trails from Fastpath for a client a while ago. They created the required triggers in a few company databases and all worked well.

Recently they deployed the triggers to another company, but none of the data was flowing through to the portal.

I did some investigation and found the triggers were working correctly as the audit tables in the company database were being populated, but the data collect wasn’t moving them to the audit table in the FPAUDIT database. Further investigation and a quick suggestion from the Fastpath support team had me checking permissions on the databases; the database triggers were being added to did not have the required permissions for the Fastpath SQL login.

When I checked with the user, this was a company created after the initial deployment of Audit Trails and so the user had never had permissions to this database. We re-ran the minimum permissions script and the data collect was then able to run successfully and collect the audit changes from the new company.

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