Implementing Post Master Enterprise: Prerequisites

Envisage Software SolutionsThis post is part of the series on Implementing Post Master Enterprise for Microsoft Dynamics GP from Envisage Software.

The prerequisites for Post master Enterprise are fairly straightforward.

Firstly, a client install of Microsoft Dynamics GP is required; this can be used by users, but you’ll need a launch file which doesn’t include the products on the incompatible list and if there are any .NET add-ins from the list, a separate install, rather than a separate launch file, will be required.

Secondly, a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics GP user account with permissions to post the batches required. In their documentation, Envisage recommend using an account with the POWERUSER* role, but I would not recommend using an account with those permissions; a role containing only the batch posting for the types you will be posted, is a far more secure option.

Thirdly, a Domain account to use to run the Windows service.