azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins: Widget Announcements

ClassicPress PluginsThis is part of the azurecurve ClassicPress Plugins which introduces the plugins I have available for ClassicPress.

The plugin I am going to cover in this post, is a brand new one written for ClassicPress; Widget Announcements.


Announce holidays, events, achievements and notable historical figures in a widget.

Announcements can be made:

  • One off
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Monthly on the nth day (e.g. 2nd Wednesday of every month)
  • Annually on the nth day of the month (e.g. 4th Thursday of November every year)

Announcements are created as a custom post type and can have details, an image, additional text after the image and can be assigned to multiple categories. A widget can be deployed to a sidebar or other widget area and include the announcements from a category.


The plugin can be downloaded via my Development site.

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