Run Task Manager as Administrator

WindowsI was deploying a new version of a Microsoft Dynamics GP Dexterity modification for a client recently and ran into a problem caused by a user who had disconnected their RDP session to the server instead of logging off; this had left a lock on the dictionary file as they had also not closed Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The server logon requires individual logons with MFA enabled, but my user is not an administrator on the server. As I was doing the deployment out of hours, I was not able to call the user and ask them to log off, but instead needed to kill their session and close the client. With my user account being an ordinary one, I didn’t have permissions to kill the session, but I did have access to a domain admin account which did have th permissions.

The following command will let you specify the user account with which to start Task Manager allowing you to run it under an admin account when yours isn’t:

runas /user:{username} taskmgr

After entering the command, you need to enter the password for the admin account you used.