Microsoft Dynamics GP payment batch no longer visible in Process Remittance

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve been working on a project to convert some bank accounts to making payments via EFT through Microsoft Dynamics GP using the payment run process for a client. On one of these accounts, the user ran into problems with the remittance and could not longer see the batch in the Process Remittance window [gpmnu]Purchasing area page » Transactions » Process Remittance(); the batch did show up in the lookup on the Payables Batches window showing a status of Remittance Printing, so it should have been visible.

I did some exploring of the data and reset the Marked to Post column from 1 to 0 in Batch Activity (SY00800) and changed the Batch Status from 140 (Remittance Printing) to 130 (Remittance Report) in PA Report Posting Definitions Master (SY00500).

After this the batch was available for selection in the Process Remittance window and the payment run could be completed.