Implementing Fastpath’s Assure Suite: Who are Fastpath?

FastpathThis post is part of the series on Implementing Fastpath's Assure Suite.

Before getting to the main subject of the FastPath Assure Suite, I thought it might be useful to give an overview of the company who develops it.

That company is Fastpath which is the leading provider of security, audit and compliance solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as the Dynamics CRM and the other Microsoft ERPs (it is also where my co-author and fellow Dynamics GP blogger Mark Polino works).

Fastpath’s products aim to simplify compliance and improve security with tools to manage segregation of duties, track database changes and integrate Dynamics security with Active Directory for better user and password management (part of this latter element is covered by the Config AD product on which I blogged six years ago.

The main product is Fastpath Assure which is the main subject of this series. In the next post, I’ll describe in more detail what Fastpath Assure is and why there is a benefit to using it.

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