Enable Bitlocker on Removable Drive

WindowsWhen I joined ISC Software I was given a new laptop and associated peripherals which included a removable 1TB SSD. As this SSD travels with me, one of the first things I did was encrypt it with BitLocker.

To encrypt a drive with BitLocker, launch Windows Explorer, right click on the drive and select Turn BitLocker On. When the BitLocker Drive Encryption window appears, click Encrypt this drive using BitLocker Drive Encryption:

Bitlocker Drive Encryption

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Disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration

Windows ServerI do a lot of work in virtual machines and this work often involves using the web browser; this is usually just for web client, SSRS or other similar local pages, but even then Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration will get in the way and need to be disabled.

I never remember where the setting for this is, so I am posting here to make it easy to find in future. To change the setting, open Server Manager; in the left pane, click Local Server:

Server Manager > Dashboard

In the main section of the page, click the word ON next to IE Enhanced Security Configuration:

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Bulk Export Dynamics GP Document Attachments using .NET

Precipio ServicesSteve Endow of Precipio Services, the man behind the GP Transaction Search, has created another tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP; this one allows a bulk download of Document Attachments.

The tool allows the user to select a Database, Record Type, and indicate whether Deleted attachments should be exported. The attachments can then be previewed before being exported:

Export Document Attachments window

Full details of this tool is available on Steve’s blog and can be downloaded here.

As well as the Free Tools, Precipio Services also have a range of products available; they also provide a a full array of Dynamics GP integration and customization services.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Error: “A Countrecords operation on table ‘[Not Found]’ (45).”

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was recently working onsite with a client when I was shown an error message which some users has intermittently been reporting. Every so often they would receive the following error:

A Countrecords operation on table '[Not Found]' (45).

A Countrecords operation on table '[Not Found]' (45).

A little research found me this post by Tim Wappat where he explains this is an error due to a network connection glitch.

Network interruptions are known to cause issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP; this is because it takes a persistent connection with SQL Server. Not all network interruptions are due to a problem; some of them are because clients lock their PC when they go to lunch, but left Dynamics GP running. When the PC has been locked for a few minutes it goes to sleep. Whe the user wakes it up and resumes working, Dynamics GP makes a new connection to the database which is assigned a new SID, but Dynamics GP still thinks it has the original SID.

After advising the client to have users always log out when they are leaving their PC for a while, they have reported that users no longer see the error.

Microsoft Dynamics GP In-Transit Transfer Document Locked

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhile I was looking at the problem raising In-Transit Transfers I needed to delete all orders with alpha numeric Document Numbers, but was getting an in use error on one of them:

Document is in use error

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Error Raising In-Transit Transfer in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was doing some work for a client the other day who was implementing some new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP. One of the areas they were working on was Inventory Control. They were testing that everything was working correctly and tried to raise an In Transit Transfer (Inventory Control area page » Transactions » in-Transit transfer Entry); when they entered the Item Number and hit tab the following error appeared:

Error entering an item

Microsoft Dynamics GP
A get/change first operation failed on table 'IV_TRX_WORK_LINE' failed accessing SQL data.

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Error Creating Fiscal Calendar In Fabrikam Caused by Audit Trail Codes

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve been receiving an error in the Fabrikam Sample Company database when trying to create a new Financial Calendar for a while and finally had the time to track it down.

The error appears when you enter a new year and click the Calculate button:

Error when calculating a new year

Microsoft Dynamics GP
[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server[Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PKSY40100'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.ST40100'. The duplicate key value is (0, 2021, 0, 2 ,General Entry ).

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Changing System Database Name After Installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Client

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was installing a new VM to do some testing on and, after installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP, I ran GP Utilities and realised that I had an mistake in the system database name I had defined; the SQL Server I am using already had a deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 on it, so could not use my usual name of D18R2 and had to use an alternative.

I had decided to name the system database D18R2U and Fabrikam sample company as U18R2 as this demo VM was to be in US English. However, I named the system database U18R2.

I’ve never changed the system database used by a client before, but I remembered seeing a setting in the Dex.ini file:

Dex.ini file with Pathname line highlighted

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Enhanced Notes Setup Window Missing

GP Elementz Enhanced NotesA while ago I did a series on Implementing Enhanced Notes from ISC Software Solutions. I more recently installed the add-on again on a different machine and, after doing some initial configuration, wanted to change the settings, couldn’t find the Enhanced Notes Setup window (Administration » Setup» Company » Enhanced Notes » Setup Enhanced Notes):

Administration area page showing menu option missing

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hMailServer: Connect Outlook 2019 Professional

Microsoft Dynamics GPWay back in 2015 I did a series on using hMailServer in virtual machine demo environments as a lighter alternative to Exchange. The last post in that series was on connecting Outlook to hMailServer. I am still using hMailServer, but the new version of Outlook, 2019, has changed the process of connecting.

In this post, I’m going to run through connecting Outlook 2019 Professional to hMailServer.

When you start Outlook for the first time, the following dialog will be displayed in which you enter the email address which you will have already configured in hMailServer. Mark the Let me set up my account manually and click Connect:

Outlook - connect new account

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