Enhanced Notes Setup Window Missing

GP Elementz Enhanced NotesA while ago I did a series on Implementing Enhanced Notes from ISC Software Solutions. I more recently installed the add-on again on a different machine and, after doing some initial configuration, wanted to change the settings, couldn’t find the Enhanced Notes Setup window (Administration » Setup» Company » Enhanced Notes » Setup Enhanced Notes):

Administration area page showing menu option missing

The reason is a simple one; when you deploy Enhanced Notes to a company, you need to log out and back in to see all of the menu options, but I had forgotten to do this.

Once I logged out and back in, the setup window was available:

Administration area page showing menu option present

A simple thing, but easy to forget. For clients this isn’t usually a problem, as a consultant or their IT team would [post-link slug=’implementing-enhanced-notes-installation’]install[/post-link] and [post-link slug=’implementing-enhanced-notes-first-run’]deploy[/post-link] the add-on, [post-link slug=’implementing-enhanced-notes-configure-security’]configure security[/post-link] and then allow a user to log in and [post-link slug=’implementing-enhanced-notes-change-configuration’]perform the setup[/post-link].

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