Enable Bitlocker on Removable Drive

WindowsWhen I joined ISC Software I was given a new laptop and associated peripherals which included a removable 1TB SSD. As this SSD travels with me, one of the first things I did was encrypt it with BitLocker.

To encrypt a drive with BitLocker, launch Windows Explorer, right click on the drive and select Turn BitLocker On. When the BitLocker Drive Encryption window appears, click Encrypt this drive using BitLocker Drive Encryption:

Bitlocker Drive Encryption

Mark Use a password to unlock the drive and enter and reenter the desired password:

Choose how you want to unlock this drive

As this is a new drive, mark Encrypt used disk space only and click Next:

Choose how much of your drive to encrypt

When prompted, click Start encrypting:

Are you ready to encrypt this drive?

Once encryption is finished, the encryoption utility will automatically close and a prompt to decrypt the drive will be displayed in the top right corner of the main display:

Enter password to unlock this drive.

You will see the same prompt every time you plug the drive into a machine.

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