Changing System Database Name After Installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Client

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was installing a new VM to do some testing on and, after installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP, I ran GP Utilities and realised that I had an mistake in the system database name I had defined; the SQL Server I am using already had a deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 on it, so could not use my usual name of D18R2 and had to use an alternative.

I had decided to name the system database D18R2U and Fabrikam sample company as U18R2 as this demo VM was to be in US English. However, I named the system database U18R2.

I’ve never changed the system database used by a client before, but I remembered seeing a setting in the Dex.ini file:

Dex.ini file with Pathname line highlighted

I changed U18R2 to D18R2U and restarted GP Utilities and, when I reached the ,em>Database Setup step the amended System Database Name showed the new value of D18R2U:

System Database Name step showing new system database name

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