Implementing Node Builder: Installation

eOne SolutionsThis post is part of the series on Implementing Node Builder; Node Builder is a product which allows additional eConnect nodes to be easily created for use with SmartConnect.

With Node Builder downloaded, we can now start the implementation. The download is a zip file containing NodeBuilder.exe. Extract and run this file.

On the Welcome step, click Next:

eOne Node Builder Setup: Welcome to the eOne Node Builder Setup Wizard

The Choose a file location step allows you to select an alternate file location.

Somewhat confusingly, the bottom section of the window is where you specify the SQL Server where Node Builder will be installed. Supply the SQL Server and the credentials to be used during installation and then click Next:

eOne Node Builder Setup: Choose a file location

Accept the End-User License Agreement and click Next:

eOne Node Builder Setup: End-User License Agreement

Click Install to begin the installation of Node Builder:

eOne Node Builder Setup: Begin installation of eOne Node Builder

When installation has completed, click Close:

eOne Node Builder Setup: eOne Node Builder has been successfully installed

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