GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: New in Build 27: System Module Enhancements

Winthrop DCThis post is part of the New Features in GP Power Tools Build 27 sub-series of the GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features series in which I'm taking a look at the changes and new features since I last blogged about GP Power Tools.

The first area of new features I'm going to cover, is the System module in which there are a number of new features:

  1. Select logs to capture on startup
  2. Show user editing SOP & POP windows
  3. Calculator

Select logs to capture on startup

The System module of GP Power Tools allows three types of logs to be recorded when Microsoft Dynamics GP is next launched. This new feature allows the type of log to be recorded to be selected, giving much more granular control:

Start loggging on next launch with log type selection

Activating multiple logging types can have an impact on the speed of the application, so giving control to the user on the types of log to be taken, will allow the user to choose only a single log type if desired and not see as much slow down.

There is also a known issue with so e of the eOne Solutions products which can cause the Dexterity logging to cause crashes; this new function allows you to disable this logging type while keeping the others active.

Show user editing SOP & POP windows

Back in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2, Microsot introduced a feature which showed the user editing a batch. This new feature in GP Power Tools echos this by adding the user editing a POP or SOP transaction:

SOP and POP transaction being edited message

A common complaint from users is that they get a message about a transaction being edited without being told who. In a small organisation, it can be easy enough to discover which user is editing the transaction, but in larger or distributed teams, this can be much harder, so this type of feature can be a great boon to users.


A calculator has been added which works from inside Microsoft Dynamics GP; it includes buttons to allow cut, copy and paste:


This will be good if you're out and about accessing Dynamics GP through the web client and don't have easy access to a calculator.

GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: New in Build 27
System Module Enhancements
Administrator Tools Module Enhancements
Developer Tools Module Enhancements
Database Tools Module Enhancements

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