GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: New in Build 27: Developer Tools Module Enhancements

Winthrop DCThis post is part of the New Features in GP Power Tools Build 27 sub-series of the GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features series in which I’m taking a look at the changes and new features since I last blogged about GP Power Tools.

The third area of new features I’m going to cover, is the Developer Tools module in which there are a number of new features:


SQL GoTos have been added so that additional tasks can be performed based on the selected records returned by the SQL Execute scripts:

SQL Execute Setup GoTos

Triggers against Modifier Added Fields

Triggers can now be registered against Modifier Added Fields; this combined with the existing ability to run scripts against these fields allows for business logic to be added without using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Visual Studio Tools.

Triggers against Modal Dialogs

Triggers can also now be registered in GP Power Tools against modal dialogs, which isn’t possible using Dexterity. This new feature allows modal dialogs to be altered or automated simply and quickly:

Trigger Setup window

Triggers can hide window before Windows Pre event

Triggers running before the Window Pre event can now hide the window, so you can automate the window without the users seeing it being driven.

Trigger support for Visual Studio Integration Toolkit (VSIT)

Added support for Visual Studio Integration Toolkit (VSIT) so that a trigger can be used to add custom application level menus into GP.

Custom URL Drillbacks

Added support for custom URL drill backs so you can add URLs to external documents and have them drill back into Microsoft Dynamics GP and perform any function you desire.

For example: dgpp://dgpb/?Db=&Srv=&Cmp=TWO&Prod=5261&Act=SCRIPT&Func=RuntimeExecute&ID=DRILLBACK_CUST&Param=AARONFIT0001

Release Notes

Addition of Release Notes allows a version history to be recorded with the objects.

Runtime Execute Setup Release Notes

Support larger data than 255 characters

The Runtime Execute Custom Web Services and SQL Execute Query Result sets have been enhanced to support data larger than 255 characters.

Lookup Positioning

Lookup windows will now open next to the calling window.

GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: New in Build 27
System Module Enhancements
Administrator Tools Module Enhancements
Developer Tools Module Enhancements
Database Tools Module Enhancements

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