GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: New in Build 27: Database Tools Module Enhancements

Winthrop DCThis post is part of the New Features in GP Power Tools Build 27 sub-series of the GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features series in which I’m taking a look at the changes and new features since I last blogged about GP Power Tools.

The fourth area of new features I’m going to cover, is the Database Tools module in which there is one new feature:

SQL Login Maintenance window

A new SQL Log Maintenance window has been added which can be used to reset passwords or check/change the password policy settings.

When new passwords are entered or generated for users, the new password can be emailed to them:

SQL Login Maintenance window

One of the problems when new passwords are created is that you need to manually inform the user of the new password; a problem which this new feature resolves.

GP Power Tools Build 26 & 27 New Features: New in Build 27
System Module Enhancements
Administrator Tools Module Enhancements
Developer Tools Module Enhancements
Database Tools Module Enhancements

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