Edge Canary: Installation

Edge CanaryMicrosoft have recently announced they are ditching the current version of their Edge browser in favour of a Chromium based browser. In this series, I am going to take a look at the Canary version of this new browser.

With Edge Canary downloaded, we can now install it. Do this by launching the file you downloaded:


The “installer” isn’t actually a real installer, but kicks off another download.

Once the installer has been downloaded, Edge will automatically be installed. Once this has happened, you’ll be guided through a few setup screens.

I am opting to use Edge without using bookmarks or settings from another browser. Make your decision and click Confirm:

Start from scratch or import settings

Decide how you want tabs laid out and click Done:

Decide on tabs appearance

The main browser will now be displayed with your choices configured:

Edge browser

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