Edge Canary: Add Extension From Microsoft Store

Edge CanaryMicrosoft have recently announced they are ditching the current version of their Edge browser in favour of a Chromium based browser. In this series, I am going to take a look at the Canary version of this new browser.

Being based on Chromium, the new Microsoft Edge includes the extension architecture. Microsoft have created their own Store for extensions.

To add extensions to Edge, click on the ellipsis button and select Extensions:

Add Extension

Click the Microsoft Store link:

Go to Microsoft Store

At present there is no search facility in the Store so you’ll need to manually look through the store for the extensions you need:

Microsoft Store

When you’ve found an extension you want, click the Get button:

Get uBlock Origin

Confirm you want to add the extension (review the functionality) and click Add extension:

Add uBlock Origin to Microsoft Edge

A confirmation dialog will be displayed; close the using the cross:

uBlock Origin has been added to Microsoft Edge

You can repeat this process for any other extensions you want to install.

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