Installing Pi-hole On A Raspberry Pi: Change Pi-hole Admin Password

Raspberry PiThis post is part of the series on building my new Raspberry Pi; this series is a sub-series of the Adventures with a Raspberry Pi.

In the last post, I stepped through the installation of the Pi-hole software on a Raspberry Pi. It will install with a admin password provided which you can change (and I would recommend you do so).

You can change the password by logging into your Raspberry Pi and typing the following command (where the highlighted section is replaced with your password of choice):

sudo pihole -a -p password

There are two issues with this.

The first is, as you’re typing this command, anyone looking over your shoulder will see the new password.

The other issue, is if you use special characters in your password, you will need to escape them. For example, a password of P!hole would need to be entered as P\!hole.

Adventures With A Raspberry Pi

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