Currency ID Missing From Batches Integrated Via eConnect

Microsoft Dynamics GPWe’ve been doing some work with a client recently creating a number of integrations in SmartConnect. One of these was creating General Journals into a consolidation company from other Microsoft Dynamics GP databases.

Everything looked fine from a SmartConnect perspective; success reported for the integration and no warnings or errors. However, when we looked at the resulting journal, there was no Currency ID:

General Transaction Entry showing blank Currency ID field

The problem here isn’t actually a SmartConnect one, but an eConnect one which has been known for a long time. There are a number of reports of this, but the one we found when researching was on the Dynamics Blogger.

The solution is to create a chequebook (checkbook) for the Functional Currency.

The company we were importing into, didn’t have one as only the GL was going to be used; once the chequebook was created, the integration worked fine.

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