How to Remove a Dependency from a Windows Service

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn the last post I showed how to use sc.exe to add a dependency to a Windows service; the first time I added the dependency to the eOne and eConnect services, I got the service name wrong. This was because the server I was working on had a SQL Server Named instance rather than the default name.

I had to do some searching around how to remove the incorrect dependency, as it was preventing the services from starting:

Services - Windows could not start the eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Integration Service service on the Local Computer

One key point to remember about using sc.exe to remove the dependencies, is that there is no way to remove a single dependency; when you run the command below, it will remove all dependencies:

sc config {service to have the dependency removed} depend= ""

sc config eOne.SmartConnect.WindowsService.exe depend= ""

Before running the above, make sure that there is only one dependency, or that you know all of the dependencies so that you can add them back.

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