Custom Shortcuts in Run Window

WindowsWindows allows you to use commands as shortcuts in the Run prompt (such as calc to launch calculator). I typically use a lot of shortcuts to launch apps or open files I use a lot, but don;t want to drop a lot of shortcuts in any of the standard folders from which Windows allows shortcuts to be used.

Fortunately, you can add additional folders to use for shortcuts. To add a new folder, open the System window (Win+Pause|Break) and click on Advacned system settings<:

System window

In the popup System Properties window, click the Environment Variables button:

System Properties window

in the Use vaiables for {username} section, select Path. In System variables select Path and click the Edit button:

Environment Variables

Click New and type the path to use. Click OK to save the changes:

Edit environment variable

Click OK twice more to close the preceding windows; shortcuts can now be created and run from the custom path.

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